Africa’s Competitive advantage and the Quest for Innovation

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Africa’s Competitive advantage and the Quest for Innovation

It has often been said that the only thing that answers to insult is result. Show me your result and I will tell you where you are headed.

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The Germans are known for their efficiency, the Japanese are known for their meticulousness, what are Africans known for? For so long, Africans have accepted mediocrity and embraced inferiority, forgetting that we are the cradle of civilisation.

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As the keynote speaker at the 10th Edition of the IDE’s Hotelier Summit in Johannesburg on April 20th and 21st, 2017, I reminded the over 1500 like-minds from 54 Countries across more than 3 continents, of the competitive advantage of Africa, rooted firmly in our wealth of human and natural resources, exemplified in the luxuries and expertise of ancient Egypt, to the exceeding wealth of Mansa Musa, the Malian wealthiest man in recorded history.


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Africa, no doubt is a land of potentials but the question is, how are you translating those potentials into realities in your little corner of the continent?

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As for me, I will never stop pushing beyond the limit of possibility because you can never do the extraordinary by being comfortable with the ordinary. 1 + 1 = 11 #Motomatics

Thanks IDE for this brilliant initiative and for giving Africa a voice once again!


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