Nothing irritates me more than BUYING A HOUSE, then spending extra money to fix a bad door, substandard bathrooms, leakages or changing the windows.

That’s why when designing a project, I think about the end user first. I think not only about beauty and luxury of a property, but also about the ease and comfort.

I want the kitchen as big as possible. I want to have the best kitchen accessories and I want my kids to have their breakfast while they watch the TV, right in the kitchen. 

When putting together the rooms or the bathrooms, I think about a person whose time means everything to him because I can relate to his plight. When I wake up, I want to listen to music or watch the news in my room, bathroom or in my walk-in closet; a multi-functional automation system that makes sure I do not miss anything.

That’s why we have a TV in all bathrooms. I cannot design any house without the provision of automation. In fact, any housing project without automation should not be categorized as LUXURY.

Luxury is about comfort and the most important symbol of comfort in any luxury home is automation.

Our latest project will be the first automated residential Mini-Estate in Lagos. I designed it specifically for people like me who hate to settle for less.

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