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It was Thomas Kempis who once said, “The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid”. Centuries later, these words still hold true. Only a solid dependable foundation, can bare the greatness of a durable superstructure that is a masterpiece.


Being the tallest residential building in Lagos and the first fully automated building in Nigeria, the LorenzoBySujimoto project is a first-of-its-kind luxury residential apartment within, the Nation. You would agree that, a project of such magnitude requires only the very best of hands through all stages of construction; from foundation to finishing. In this case, only a company that has a track record for delivering exceptional services with international expertise and local appeal, could fit that profile – Brunelli Construction Limited

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As part of preparations for the Piling works of The LorenzoBySujimoto, I met with the Managing Director of Brunelli Construction, Engineer Dante Piccolo Brunelli, very recently, at the Company’s headquarters in Nigeria. I was amazed that after over 40 years in Nigeria, Brunelli Construction still maintains an exceptional standard of quality and excellence.  Building and developing Nigeria since 1973, has only horned the firm’s skills with unrivaled expertise in pilling, foundation works, construction of jetties, shoreline protection, road construction and dredging activities.

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With its international head office located in Milan, and Nigerian headquarters in Lagos, the Engineering and Construction Company which is a part of an international group of Companies, continues to leverage on its cutting edge technology, innovative processes, international best practices, and team of expatriate professionals which include Italians, Britons, Indians and a staff of about 150 Nigerians, to deliver world class services.

That Africa’s first fully automated building and Lagos’ tallest residential building, The LorenzoBySujimoto deserves the best hands cannot be over-emphasised. Beyond the unjustifiable pricey requests within the industry, when real experience and expertise come to bare, the best man for the job is Engineer Dante Piccolo Brunelli, the LorenzoBySujimoto, will have nothing lesser. QED.

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