“Gain control of your time, and you will gain control of your life”, words of John Landis Mason. My three decades and a half journey on earth have taught me to hold fast unto these words, and that there is only one gift that all humans share in equal measure – Time. It is the difference between life and death, young and old, gainers and losers, winners and quitters. While winners focus on value maximisation – losers focus on creating excuses, as to why 24 hours are not enough to get the job done.

With a looming recession, a dwindling economy, and distasteful employment rates, there cannot be a better time, in our nation than now, to start demanding justifications for our time. Time wasted cannot be regained.


All the time, when I close my eyes, it is always with a sense of fulfillment of purpose, always strategising, thinking like a chess player, visualising my next moves and its consequences, and learning from different virtual mentors so as to learn from history. One thing that was evident when I first started out in life was my motivation and passion. However through the years, I have realised that while passion could get you started, planning and action are in fact, the most important elements that get the job done. To put this succinctly, Bryan Tracy said; “Every minute spent planning, saves 10 minutes in execution”.

Every day for me starts with a plan – a road map that prioritises my activities. Then, I spend the whole day executing and adding to the new plan, without deviating from the ultimate goal – SUCCESS. Find below an analysis on how I spend my hours below:

Work – 18 hours: Do you know what being health conscious means? Well, what about being success conscious? You can’t build a million dollar dream on a thousand dollar mindset. Work for me is really like a hobby. I get to work by 8am and close between 8pm and 10pm. But, whether I am eating, dreaming, bathing, or relaxing, my mind is always focused on ways to execute my next strategy. My dreams are built on a strong work ethic because they are the incubator that nurture my dreams to maturity. Work for me is the engine room where I grind my dreams to reality. No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.

Leisure – 1 hour: What others classify as play is what I call work. I rarely move if it has no direct or indirect impact on my work, association or preparation. My leisure time is as important as my work. Unlike what a lot of people consider as leisure, this presents an opportunity for me to develop myself in other areas and track my progress.

I currently speak more than 6 languages – English, Yoruba, Spanish, French, Hausa, a little bit of Japanese and little bit of Arabic. I play Chess, exercise regularly and I have read more than 950 books despite my very busy schedule. It is amazing what one can achieve when we rightfully apply and prioritise our time.

Sleep – 5 hours: A good night sleep means two things to me; a well-deserved rest after a hard day’s work and an opportunity to reflect and evaluate my performance during the day, while setting goals for the next day. Often times, sleep gives me an opportunity to escape into the destiny of my future reality, where my dreams are vivid and my mistakes are noted. Sleep is good but it wouldn’t make sense to me if I couldn’t dream, because to me the best part of sleeping is dreaming.


Gossip – 0 hours:

Eleanor Roosevelt said; ‘Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people”. People who spend their time in the discussion and denigration of other people would win “0” respect from me. The only thing you would find me discussing about others is attempting to learn from their successes. Discussions that have nothing to do with maximisation mean nothing to me.

Steve Jobs was once called insane and fired from a company he started, but ended up revolutionising the computer and tech industry. Walt Disney was fired from a Newspaper house for lacking imagination and having no real original ideas. But, he transformed the Animation Industry and has the largest Film and Animation Studio in the world.

Talk less and do epic shit!

Hating – 0 hours:

Haters are losers. One way to know you are on the path to greatness is when people you don’t know start hating on you. I am too busy to spend time hating. History has thought us that those who hated Rome became its slaves. By the way ‘who hating don epp?’


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