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Homewin a product of Sujimoto, and the biggest promo ever in Nigeria, which is set to launch on Sunday, May 1st, 2022, has kick started the generosity movement with Lifetime scholarships to 10 students of the Bariga Free Slum School.

Speaking on why he decided to award these scholarships, Mr. Sijibomi Ogundele – the CEO and Group Managing Director of Sujimoto Group and Homewin says, “My biggest joy is not only building Luxury homes, but having an impact in the lives of people. I visited this school as a part of my CSR activity late last year, and I was moved by the inspiring stories of how the school was founded, the vision behind it, the stories of the students and how much joy and dreams they have for the future. I made a promise to myself that no matter what it takes, I will come back to sponsor 10 students up to the University level, and today that promise is being fulfilled”.

Receiving the students, their parents and teachers, Mr. Ogundele who had on so many occasion visited the students with bags of gifts and goodies, admonish them on the value of education. According to him. “Education opens you up to opportunities that ignorance will hide away from you. One educated child can change the destiny of a nation.

The young CEO who just turned 41 some weeks ago and is the poster boy for hard work and dedication, shed more light on Sujimoto Group’s CSR philosophy. “For us at Sujimoto, giving back is not a CSR Initiative or a PR stunt, it is our lifestyle. As an organization, generosity is ingrained in our DNA. I remember while growing up, we had a lot of relatives living with us and my Mum took responsibility for their education. Some were people we were not even related to, yet my Mum will ensure they eat the same food and wear the same clothes as her children. She would say to us then whenever we grumble as kids that Òkè lẃ afunni ńgbé, meaning the hand that gives never lacks.”

It is no doubt that poverty is increasing at an alarming rate in the country and the burden of responsibility is telling on so many Nigerian families who can no longer afford even a 1-square meal.  As a man who is given to charity, Mr. Ogundele has been a big advocate for the eradication of poverty and empowering small businesses as well as petty traders. The passion to help over 11,000 Nigerians in 100 days – starting from May 1st; move from the trenches to wealth, is the reason behind the creation of Homewin, a platform to empower Nigerians and help them escape the shackles of poverty with just N500.

The students accompanied by their guardians and some teachers had so much fun as they ate to their fill and went away with cash prizes. In an interview with one of the parents, who was super excited that her child’s education is sorted up to University level, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude with tears while singing a song of appreciation in her native language. It was a very emotional moment.

Follow HomeWin on the following, Instagram: @homewinng, Twitter: @homewinng, Facebook: HomeWin Promo and you can visit our website at and be the first to win when we launch on May 1st, 2022.



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