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Developers, construction companies, and interior designers have suddenly found the solution to their greatest headache. They have discovered a company that makes exclusive quality and design, with prices they can’t even find in Orile market. Set to revolutionize the construction industry in Nigeria, Motomart a subsidiary of Sujimoto was born as a result of the terrible experiences and painstaking process of procuring top-quality building materials, furniture and sanitary wares at a good price. The nonchalant customer service and unrealistic prices propelled us to establish Motomart, to help save cost while maintaining the quality and standard of our interiors, fittings, wares and furniture.  

As a leading brand that is redefining luxury living in Nigeria’s real estate industry, we have decided to extend the same unrivalled comfort and experience of luxury but affordable building materials, fittings, decorative pieces, sanitary wares and furniture that Motomart provides, to help developers and homeowners get access to the highest standard in the industry.

As the Amazon for luxury but affordable furniture, sanitary wares, and building materials, Motomart is dedicated to building strong relationships, customer satisfaction and loyalty which is swelling the bottom line. Our unrelenting commitment to providing high-quality building materials and serving our customers with the most satisfactory experience has unarguably made us the leading name in the construction sector.  

Here are 3 fundamental reasons why Motomart is the top choice for developers:


PRICE: In today’s economy, buying at a great deal is the most important thing for any businessman. This is why Motomart believes in creating value for our customers. Finding the ideal price entails adopting a pricing strategy appropriate to the company’s standard. Among reputable retailers, Motomart offers the most affordable prices. Motomart provides affordable luxury at lower prices than the well-known Orile market and Victoria Island shops. Why we are the best available option for developers and construction companies comes as no surprise. 



QUALITY OF PRODUCT: To ensure quality, Sujimoto’s Motomart partnered with different OEMs in Asia, Europe and the Middle East to cut off all middlemen and deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. The most outstanding quality is what our brand offers.  It’s fair to say that Motomart enjoys an excellent reputation for providing the best quality that satisfies customer needs, serves its purpose and surpasses industry standards. Our products differ from furniture, sanitary wares, doors and building materials, luxuriously and elegantly crafted to meet customers’ requirements.


We can confidently say that our quality is unrivalled in Nigeria. In a country like Nigeria, where sub-par products are usually sold at an unimaginable price, Motomart came in to change the narrative.

SERVICES: Motomart was born out of customer service and customer addiction, actively thinking about what our customers need and continuously engaging them in how we can serve them better. 


A core reason why developers, interior designers, and construction companies have continued to patronise us is that we have everything in check: our customer-first attitude, good communication skills, top-notch professionalism, and problem-solving skills, to name a few. We have become a dominant force thanks to our customer-centric approach, high competence, and frequent free delivery. 

In Motomart, “customer is king”, as we ensure that every aspect of this ideology is applied to our daily activities. 

Are you building or renovating a hotel, private residence, residential development, or something else? Call us on 09018237998 

You can also refer us; we would greatly appreciate it. 

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