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Rolls Royce, Maybach, Bentley, Birkin bags, Louis Vuitton shoes, or Rolex Christmas is a time to show off. You will see 50 live chickens, plus competition of who gets the fattest goat amongst neighbors and village people. Grab the opportunity to spend bountifully whilst boosting your assets! In 2019, Americans spent over $1 trillion on Christmas according to Gallup pollsters. This is an incomparable figure to what Africans; Asians and the world at large spend annually to mark the festive period. Why not grab the opportunity to grow your assets (such as Lucrezia by Sujimoto) while spending lavishly in celebration? The fundamental secret of success is surrounding yourself with assets, not a liability.

Sujimoto constantly brings new ways to maximize your assets even while spending as you desire. We are closing out the year with the biggest mouth-watering deals!


EAT YOUR CAKE AND HAVE IT NOW! You can eat your cake and have it when you partake in Sujimoto’s jackpot where you can OWN NOW AND PAY LATER. Get the last available unit of the Lucrezia by Sujimoto by paying a 50% deposit and spread the balance over 60 MONTHS! The Lucrezia by Sujimoto comes with top-notch modern facilities and features such as; 18-seater IMAX cinema, Full Home automation, a Private Spa, an Infinity Pool, a Virtual Golf Bar with over 2500 courses and so much more that lets you bask in the luxury of time.

The Lucrezia by Sujimoto, a fully automated highrise, is widely known as the highest building in Banana Island, Ikoyi. Enjoy a high-profile network by rubbing shoulders with the highest-profile neighbors, and having your kids do so with other kids of high standing as well. Nursing mothers will have a great opportunity to experience the service of our Governesses (not nannies) at state-of-the-art creche facilities specifically crafted for our future leaders.


Give your kids the opportunity to live in the second safest neighborhood in Nigeria, second only to Aso Rock. It is also home to Africa’s most affluent personalities and society of upcoming and children of the highest network individuals. Created the convergence of people of the highest standing in society.

Secure a unit in the Ikoyi’s most gossiped-about ultra-luxury residences where the bulk opulence stops at your table. Call 08098521646 or 08091243555 and let our director guide you on how to own a unit.

DEAL 2: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (Lucrezia by Sujimoto)

Securing the Lucrezia doesn’t only give you the opportunity to chop now and pay later. It also gives you the opportunity to own a second passport to St. Kitts or Grenada. Sujimoto is giving you the best of both worlds with this massive offer.

Imagine laying your head in the comfort of The Lucrezia and waking up on a breathtaking island of St Kitts or Grenada – an irresistible incentive only Sujimoto can offer. 


Secure a unit in the Ikoyi’s most gossiped-about ultra-luxury residences where the buck of opulence stops at your table. Call 08098521646 or 08091243555 and let our director guide you on how to own a unit.


A lavish beach on the beautiful shores of Dubai is calling your name. By investing the sum of 100m, 200m, 1b, or more, you get a solid ROI of up to 60% in two years. This is a huge win-win for you! Get a luxury paid vacation to the exotic city of Dubai while boosting your assets! 

More on Sujimoto:  Why Sujimoto Banana Island's most gossiped-about project is selling fast

It’s all about wins this season! This awoof no dey run belle o! Cop yours before the offers run out. Don’t say we didn’t do anything for you o! Don’t be caught sleeping on the BEST DEALS OF THE YEAR!

Sujimoto is a luxury real estate and construction company that is dedicated to redefining the luxury real estate industry with transformative experiences through intricately designed architecture. Our services cater to those who have a refined taste for the finer things in life and value opulence in its truest and purest form.

From foundation to chandelier, we search globally for the world’s most renowned thought leaders in architecture, art, and innovation in designing the masterpieces we create. Associated exclusively with bespoke and iconic structures, we offer a lifestyle only the Sujimoto brand can deliver.

Visit our website: for more information.

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