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  5 best locations to buy luxury homes in Lagos,  No 1 is the shocker!



First, I have a confession!


I have been hiding the secret locations where

the billionaires Invest their money in dollars and

have their value always triple in 2 years.


Yes, this is a top secret.


The rich invest in dollars in these few highly

profitable locations and stay above local currency frustrations.


Okay, Back to the business


Are you ready for me to unveil the hidden gem?


Top Hidden Gem Locations for luxury home buyers in Lagos reviewed!


5: Ogudu GRA (Ikeja): 

This is one of the best residential real estate in Lagos.

Houses here are very expensive as you can only

find celebrities and other high profile individuals here.

The houses start from $300K up.


It’s a very serene and cool place to be.

It is located at the heart of Lagos, as you can navigate

to any location in Lagos easily from there

without passing through Lagos traffic.


4: Victoria Garden City (Lagos Island):

This is one of the best locations to buy luxurious houses in Lagos.

VGC as it is popularly called is a top choice location for celebrities and

high profile individuals who understand the value of real estate investment.

This place is evergreen as the value keep going up yearly

Automated house starts from $400K up here.


3: Lekki Phase 1: 

This is a very busy and lively area made up of

both residential and commercial apartments.

Lekki phase one is located at the heart of Lagos Island.

Many night lives and other lifestyle activities happen here.

If you are such a person that loves a lively location, here is the best choice.

With just $500K, you can buy off a fully automated home

and watch it appreciate to 200% ROI in 2 years.


2: Victoria Island: 

Victoria Island is one of the most expensive and

biggest cities in Lagos.

It’s a home for most top company HQs in Lagos.

This location is also the home for top beaches in Lagos,

waterfront skyscrapers and yacht lives in Lagos.

An automated luxury home starts from $700K and above.

The value went triple within a year or 2 after buying it.


1: Banana Island (Ikoyi): 

This is the best place to buy luxury homes in Lagos and in Africa.

Banana Island is the most valuable real estate location in Africa.


This is where billionaires all over the world that want

to invest in dollar valued real estate in Nigeria,

splash their money and get their money triple within two years.

A luxury 1,2,3,4 bedroom flat here in skyscrapers starts from $750K and above.


Examples of top dollar valued luxury skyscrapers

that guarantee 200$ within 2 years are:


Pick any of these Luxurious Residents below and start Investing:

1: LeonardobySujimoto

2: TheLucreziaBySujimoto

Lucrezia Residential Skyscraper
LucreziaBySujimotoSky scrappers Sujimoto luxurious Residential Projects in LagosLeonardoBySujimoto

Contact Sujimoto for more Information about LeonardoBySujimoto,

Contact Chinedu Samuel on +2348098521646 or email:




SUJIMOTO is a luxurious real estate company in Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria that

specialized in developing luxurious residential and commercial apartments since 2014. In 2017,

Sujimoto won the best residential real estate developer award hosted by the African Property Award.


Note to editors

LeonardoBySujimoto  is a luxurious residential skyscraper built to redefine the way the rich live in the Sub Africa region.

We bring all the five-stars benefits you enjoy in Dubai, London and New York Skyscraper

to Banana Island to bring trust and credibility in the skyscraper development in Nigeria and beyond.

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