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How to sell luxury homes in Lagos Nigeria – #5 Top Secret reviewed!



Breaking. I’m about to break the long-awaited secret of how to sell an expensive luxury home to billionaires with ease.

This is the same secret that helped Sujimoto SOLD OUT a 26 Billion Naira luxurious residential skyscraper in Ikoyi 

The LucreziaBySujimoto just in the space of 2 years.




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5 Top secrets on how to sell expensive and luxury Homes are:

1: Create something Unique

Create something different from what has been there in the market. People buy luxury by emotion and back it up by logic. To create something different, you have to be different, and for you to be different, you have to embrace a (D.I.E) attitude. 

D – Diligence

I – Integrity

E – Excellence

Most real estate developers promised a paradise and ended up building something substantial and low quality. Once negative feedback starts coming in, It would be hard to attract high-profile individuals to purchase the property.

2: Create a super luxury brand:

You’re selling luxury apartments right? 

The first thing people look at is you, your personal brand, and your business’s corporate branding. 

It all starts from personal branding. How you brand yourself, reposition yourself, and carry yourself will determine the people you get attracted to. 

Your PR and communication techniques, your creative designs, the places you go and your social power.  Do not be deceived that you can sell any luxury home to a billionaire looking unsure of yourself and who your brand is.

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3: Utilize digital ads:

 Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the top platforms where you can easily find luxury home buyers and sell any luxury home to them.

Create luxury, clean, and high-definition sales materials that position you as a luxury brand.

4: Choose top Locations:

 This is one of the unique selling points of Sujimoto. If you know Sujimoto very well, all our properties in Lagos are located at Banana Island, Ikoyi, and VGC. These are the most valuable Locations in Lagos.

These are where the richest men in Lagos and Nigeria live. These are where the billionaires Invest in real estate. You can also see rich foreign Investors in these locations. 

Any foreign investor who wants to invest in another country will first research the most profitable locations to Invest in real estate properties. For you to attract them choose these top locations and build your luxury homes for maximum ROI in a few years.

Luxurious Sky Scrapper in Banana Island Lagos - Lucrezia

5: Take off risk and present an Irresistible guarantee offer:

Nobody will spend a billion naira to buy off a property they are not sure of getting value and the safety of their Investment. No matter who you’re to them. If you don’t present the offer in a clear simple and concise form devoid of risk and full of guarantee, they won’t buy your properties

If you cross all the dots and T’s while developing your luxury property, you should be confident to guarantee High ROI and No Risk.

In Summary, there’s no trick for selling any expensive property anywhere in the World. You must put in the hard work, have  Integrity and be consistent.

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Contact Sujimoto for more Information about LeonardoBySujimoto, Contact Chinedu Samuel on +2348098521646 or email:


SUJIMOTO is a luxurious real estate company in Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria that specialised in developing luxurious residential and commercial apartments since 2014. In 2017, Sujimoto won the best residential real estate developer award hosted by the African Property Award.

Note to editors

LeonardoBySujimoto  is a luxurious residential skyscraper built to redefine the way the rich live in the Sub Africa region. 

We bring all the five-star benefits you enjoy in Dubai, London and New York Skyscraper to Banana Island to bring trust and credibility in the skyscraper development in Nigeria and beyond.

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