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This is an unfounded notion that has been ringing in the Ikoyi real estate sector. While this may ring true for some properties, we beg to differ as there is an array of properties that have been sold out even real Estate before completion.

Sighting 4-Bourdillon, it is a property built with top-notch features and as such was sold out; also, there is the  Belmonte standing prominently in Ikoyi and has also been sold out.

This is to say apartments may be left unoccupied in Ikoyi but apartments built with international standards of excellence and quality are not empty, instead, they’re being rushed like hot Jollof on a Saturday afternoon at a typical Lagos “OWANBE”

This statement – “LucreziaBySujimoto est l’œuvre d’art architecturale la plus  sophistiquée et la plus séduisante jamais créée connue de l’humanité!” was an expression from one of Sujimoto’s clients when she first saw the Lucrezia.

According to  her, she had not seen an “innovative building that checks all the boxes on futuristic  elements but still exudes such beauty, class and sophistication- it is indeed a sexy  building!”

Real EstateSpeaking on how the Lucrezia addresses every need of the customer, the GMD of Sujimoto Group – Sijibomi Ogundele said; “we searched far and wide, we studied the best high-rises in Africa, found what made them stand out, researched what they missed, and we decided to build the future of luxury high-rises in Africa.

” When asked about how customer satisfaction was at the centre of every decision made in designing the Lucrezia, he said, “it is in our DNA to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients, no other real estate company in Nigeria currently does this.

Apart from being the tallest  residential building in Africa, the Lucrezia is the ultimate convergence of art,  architecture, and lifestyle.”

The Lucrezia has been intricately designed to redefine delicate sophistication with a hint of subtle arrogance.

It is the most sophisticated residential high-rise in Africa boasting of a luxurious experience from foundation to chandeliers,

with an exclusive concierge service that would have you regaled like Kings and dandled like Queens.

Below are 3 fundamental attributes that make the Lucrezia stand out from the pack. 


-Sijibomi Ogundele LL. B 

MD/CEO Sujimoto Construction

Real Estate1) QUALITY – One of the major reasons the Lucrezia is selling fast is because it was built on a principle of the utmost quality. From the quality of the materials to the quality of talents that brought this vision to reality, the GMD Sujimoto  Group.

Sijibomi Ogundele searched far and wide creating a team of experts from different parts of the world who paid intrinsic detail to every nook and cranny; from the right degree of the crystallization of chandeliers, the choice of sanitary wares to the procurement of tiles and the quality of bricks used.

One thing was certain, the price of the material was not as important as the quality of the material.

The quality of the Lucrezia can be seen in the premium features and facilities; such as Africa’s 1st interactive lobby, private saloon, a crèche equipped with a governess to help raise future leaders, a vast Private pool which gives a scenic view of the exclusive Island’s landscape,

a private concierge service that is always at your beck and call, world-class gym, rooftop lounge,  full home automation, 24-hour stable power supply, private cinema for residents and their guests, facility management services and top-notch security.

2) HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT – The Lucrezia is not just a beauty to behold,  it is also a great investment plan which boasts over 300% ROI.

Clients have been advised to purchase off-plan and those who did, have been enjoying a high return on their investment.

For example, a unit of the Lucrezia that was sold to one of our young investors, Mrs Uche for $1,000,000 at the point of groundbreaking, now costs $2.5M and would cost over $ 3 million at the point of completion.

This is why most of our clients for the Leonardo are rushing to purchase off-plan seeing as those who bought into the Lucrezia are already experiencing a huge return on their investment.

Our Leonardo clients should expect an even greater return on their investment at the point of its completion in 2025.

3) PIONEER OF MANY FIRSTS IN AFRICA – Innovation is the mother of excellence and that’s why the Sujimoto philosophy and mantra are built on innovation.

The Lucrezia has been designed to be a trailblazer in Africa as the  First building to come wrapped in a Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Façade,

a  rare feature that preserves the glamour and quality of a building for over one hundred years.

The first building to deploy the Rolls Royce of doors  Oikos Doors; First building with an International SPA;

The first building with Porcelanosa by Zaha Hadid sanitary ware which you find being used in 5-star hotels in Dubai; 

The first building to install a Kohler Kitchen, the First building with a 120-inch  screen IMAX cinema for an immersive cinematic experience;

the First building in Nigeria with Crestron Automation where you can easily monitor and adjust 

your lights, shades, thermostats, door locks, and entertainment units from just one app;

the First building to have the most luxurious and exclusive Penthouse in  Africa featuring private elevators, a private infinity pool,

private cinemas, etc; and now the First ever residential building in Africa to promote a friendly ecosystem by installing Electric Vehicle charging stations,

where residents would have the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles.

It is also the First residential building to possess a virtual golf bar with over 2500 courses from around the world to choose from, and many more.

It is no surprise that the LucreziaBySujimoto has attracted the interest, attention and investment of global bankers, international celebrities and professionals.

It is also no doubt that when the Lucrezia is completed, it will become an architectural museum not only for aspiring developers and architects but also for all lovers of intricate detailing,

sophistication and luxury in its purest form, which are the core pillars upon which Sujimoto as an organization is built on. 

Never has so much sophistication been introduced to architecture in Africa but the  Lucrezia has come to breach that gap, and set new standards where other patrons have taken the cue by making LucreziaBySujimoto a case study.

Real EstateTo own the last slice of this masterpiece and to learn more about any of our new projects, LeonardoBySujimoto, Sujimoto Twin Tower, call Dammy on 08098521646  or Tomiwa on 08091243555 today.

Sijibomi Ogundele is the young, energetic and innovative Group Managing Director of  Sujimoto Group, the No.1 Luxury Real Estate Company in Nigeria and the Developer of GiulianoBySujimoto which is home to Nigerian-American singer, Davido;  LucreziaBySujimoto which is set to be the most sophisticated high-rise in Africa(real estate);

the  LeonardoBySujimoto luxury tower with exceptional amenities is dubbed to be the tallest residential building in Nigeria; the QueenAminaBySujimoto,

a first-of-its-kind luxury tower located in highbrow Abuja(real estate); and the developer of the proposed  Sujimoto Tower in Downtown Dubai, Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

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