sijibomi ogundele


sijibomi ogundeleGrowing up in Paris, I remember a conversation that happened between me and JP, an old time friend that owns one of the most prestigious restaurants in Triangle d’or, Jean’s restaurant was never advertised or publicized but it was the most visited and talked about restaurant in the whole of Paris, in 2009, if you weren’t at the Matignon or L’Avenue on Ave Montaigne you were not important in the eyes of the bobbling 8em society.

I recall asking him the Marketing secret to his success and why his restaurant was always FILLED UP? and he said;

‘Put the Advert on a Platter!’

I was confused, then he explained further by saying; ‘When you put great food on the plate, spice it up with quality service, season it with quality price and serve it with respect for people, people will find it difficult to ignore your restaurant!’ This inspired a burning desire in me and made me further understand that quality is the foundation of all successful business.

One of the greatest philosophies of Sujimoto is ‘putting the dish on a platter.’When we started 5 years ago, people said our dream was too big and our vision too outrageous. But we took our competitive advantage and put it on the platter, seasoned with integrity, spiced with quality service and served with unmatched excellence that has separated us from the crowd, to crown this up, we did 2 fundamental addictions, first, we had an addiction for association, we wanted only the best,

from janitor to general managers, we only wanted the best of society. secondly and most importantly, we had customer addiction, we put customers first, listened to them, anticipated their desires and always looked for reasons to continuously make them happy daily.

sijibomi ogundele

This is why in building the Lucrezia, we put our advert on the platter by ensuring we research only the best houses in Banana Island, top apartments in Ikoyi and TALL Buildings on Bourdillon Road; spiced it up with unrivalled features and facilities, and served it with an unbeatable price, to ensure that we are 3 times better and 2 times cost effective.

To every entrepreneur out there, what do you have on your platter? What holds the foundation of your business? Do not surrender the authenticity of your dreams to the mediocrity of poor service.  Once again I ask; what do you have on your platter?


  • Chime
    May 3, 2020

    Gold for the common man, on the platter.

  • Samuel oladipupo
    June 5, 2020

    Love everything about your renowned firm but want to become like you. Am into small renovation and have little jobs around Agege and iyana ipaja but financing is the issue. I know that is where the opportunity cannot be exhausted

  • Samuel O
    July 16, 2020

    I’ve always dreamed big. But, truly you’re an inspiration, and you have encouraged me to take steps and stop playing safe.. We’ll surely meet!


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