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Rising a majestic 65 meters above the ground, the LucreziaBySujimoto stands as a luxurious and extravagant skyscraper. This $52 million architectural marvel boldly claims its place over Banana Island, Africa’s priciest per square meter. The 15-storey edifice, envisioned and brought to life by Sujimoto Construction Ltd—Africa’s foremost purveyor of luxury constructions—boasts 18,000 square meters of sumptuous living space, setting the record as the tallest residential structure in this elite enclave.


The design of the sophisticated LucreziaBySujimoto building combines the rare attributes of Beauty, Affluence, and Style. The purely residential 14 storey tower includes luxury apartments that comprise magnificent maisonettes and 2 of Africa’s best penthouses, the first Virtual Golf Bar in Africa, and Full Home Automation where you can control your lights, door, air conditioning, curtains, music & TV from the touch of a button, an IMAX Cinema, a 345 square meter temperature controlled pool including a Jacuzzi and kids’ pool, the 14 storey building has a floor to ceiling height of 4m, which creates an illusion that makes it look 20 storeys tall, an Interactive lobby where business meetings and casual hangouts can be held, Zaha Hadid by Porcelanosa sanitary wares, Private Salon, Crèche, amongst a host of others.


During the construction phase of the foundation, 25,000 cubic metres of soil was excavated, a total of 11,500 cubic metre concrete of C40 was used to create one of the biggest pile caps in the world which has a 900 mm piles diameter that goes 45-meter-deep, making the Lucrezia’s foundation one of the strongest foundation ever! The pile caps have a depth of up to 2.55m with 900 x 300mm tie beams. In all, a total of 1470 trucks of concrete were required to deliver these pile caps. The luxury development will use approximately 1000 tons of steel, Bonded Post Tensioning slabs, this makes Sujimoto the first indigenous company to use such technology which is only used in Dubai for the construction of high-rise buildings. This technology reduces the weight of the building, increases the speed of construction by 40%, eliminates shrinkage and offers more flexibility for structural modifications.


The 56 metres condominium will be the first 14 storey with Glass Reinforced Concrete façade costing the company over €2 million (N1,146,000,000) to deliver one of the best façades systems in the world. The façade panels will have a finishing covering of approximately 7500 square metres.

Having raised the first slab on the 1st of December, 2020 and currently on the 8th floor, the Lucrezia will be the fastest luxury condominium ever built in Africa with a delivery timeline of 1st of January, 2022.


Those who came onboard 11 months ago are the biggest winners as some of them bought the maisonette for $1.2 million. The almost sold-out maisonette is selling for $1.9m at the moment while the penthouse which is approximately 1400m² is selling for $9 million, making it the cheapest yet most sophisticated penthouse in Africa with exclusive and remarkable features such as: a private gym, private lobby, private lift, the first private pool in the sky which is located on the 12th floor, a private cinema and the first private gold Garden in Africa!

Sijibomi Ogundele, the CEO of Sujimoto Group, asserts that the Lucrezia Penthouse is designed with an exclusive clientele in mind, embodying the pinnacle of luxury for the discerning few.

As the authority and leader in luxury real estate, we are set to elevate Lagos with upcoming projects like Queen Amina, Giuliano, and The S-Hotel just like the diligence, integrity, and excellence we put together in Lucrezia and Leonardo. In the next decade, expect Lagos’ skyline to be adorned with intelligent, eco-friendly skyscrapers that epitomize opulence and sustainability, offering sumptuous amenities and setting new benchmarks for eco-luxury living.

More on Sujimoto:  Embracing the Wonders of Lucrezia: A Voyage of Elegance and Imagination

The LuceziaBySujimoto project has already sold out over 50% of its units and has a very strict KYC to ensure it attracts and brings in only one type of clientele. However, to own a 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms of the LucreziaBySujimoto, kindly contact Hillary on 08183255555 or Mya on 08098521646, and they’ll provide you with the details and requirements of what it takes to own a piece of the Leonardo.

Dr. Sijibomi Ogundele is the Group Managing Director of Sujimoto Group, the Czar of Luxury Real Estate Development, and the mastermind developer behind the renowned GiulianBySujimoto. Our other audacious projects, such as the most sophisticated building in Banana Island, LucreziaBySujimoto, the grandiose Sujimoto Twin Tower, the tallest twin towers in Africa; the regal Queen Amina by Sujimoto, a monument to royal affluence; the magnificent high-rise LeonardoBySujimoto; the Sujimoto Farm; an advanced farm estate system that incorporates housing, farm hospitals, hotels, and markets within an ecosystem, creating opportunities for agro-tourism and affordable housing, among other projects that have etched an indelible imprint on Nigeria’s skylines, a testament to Sujimoto’s unrivaled mastery of modern-day engineering.

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