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Do you know that with just a single phone call, you can make a mouthwatering N150 million?

Do you have a powerful uncle or a very rich aunt? Are you of blue blood or an acquaintance of one? What are you doing with your network? Does it reflect your current net worth?

We clearly understand that these aren’t the best of times. The hike in fuel prices, coupled with the increase in food prices, has distressed a lot of people. In today’s tough economy, N150 million can do a lot for you and your family.

You can navigate through these rigid times, save a chunk of the money for rainy days, and setup a small business as new income stream. You could plan that vacation with your partner to Ibiza or Zanzibar and even hit the club for an entire week without making a dent. Book Davido to perform at your next birthday party, or chill with the big boys and grow your network across countries. This is what the power of a referral can do.

Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to upgrade from that face-me-I-slap-you to sprawling a mansion in Lekki? Then this is your opportunity.

Over the last two years, Sujimoto has paid out N2 billion in commission. The ‘Talk and Do luxury real estate company is offering the highest commission on a single sale. We are offering up to 5% commission for a product that sells itself. Lucrezia is our piece of HISTORY, and we need the worthy 1% to own the HIGHEST STORY within.

If your network can not afford the $3 Million Lucrezia property, we also have a $1 Million for 3 Bedroom in the Leonardo project nestled on Banana Island (Africa’s most exclusive neighborhood).

If you believe you have stardust and can make the sale of the millennia by introducing its prospective buyer, then reach out to us at 08098521646 or 08183255555 to earn your N150 million before someone else makes the sale.

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