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EXCURSION: Students from Caleb University, Lagos Visit the Home To Luxury Living


There is no better teacher than experience. The Undergraduates of the  Architectural Department of Caleb University, Lagos could testify to this after their educational field trip to the No. 1 construction company in Nigeria – Sujimoto Construction. 40 students, accompanied by their lecturers and alumni came to experience luxury and practically understand the development in real estate construction.

“Wow! This screams quality luxury.” “I’m not going back home o,” “I can’t believe my eyes,” “Can I stay here? My parents have to get me this,” “I feel like I am in Dubai,” and “We should move from our house to Lucrezia.” – these were the songs the students sang upon their grand entrance to the Lucrezia.

Just as the architectural living icons like Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Museum of the Future, London’s The Shard and The Gherkin, the Lucrezia by Sujimoto was erected with precise dedication and striking attention to detail to create the architectural masterpiece that would outlive and retain its ‘Stunning Effect’ in the next 100 years. 

Staying true to its premier position, The Lucrezia offers first-of-its-kind amenities such as Crestron full home automation system, Virtual Golf Course,  Crèche, Zaha Hadid bathrooms, Kohler Kitchen, IMAX Cinema, Mini-mart, Mini clinic, Private Salon, Infinity pool and several other unravelled amenities. 

The GMD of SUJIMOTO – Sijibomi Ogundele, took his time to carefully take the students through his construction masterpiece which was an interactive 

session of learning and entertainment. When asked how he manages the waste system of the building during the tour of Lucrezia’s mock-up apartment he stated that the waste system is handled by the mechanical and plumbing officials, it goes down through a shaft to a waste system that connects to the Banana Island central waste system. 

Here are a few questions asked and how the luxury czar answered. What was the inspiration behind the Lucrezia? 

“We wanted to create something that has never been done before, something different. Some people buy lands, build and sell but that is below us; we do product development which is our inspiration, right now we are designing something called Ooni, which is inspired by the hat of the Ooni.

The Lucrezia is inspired by the Medici an Italian noblewoman and wife to the king of France, she lived a life that stood out and she is a robust lady which was part of the push behind our structure design.

Lucrezia de Medici was an embodiment of elegance and sophistication that influenced her royal bloodline as such we looked at her lifestyle and used it to create the curve of our residential Highrise.

In designing this project, customer satisfaction and value creation were the premium focus of our architects and designers; and as part of our grand ambition to make this experience more bespoke,

we have decided to throw the masters of automation – Crestron Home Automation into the mix; to help our clients enjoy the sophisticated realization of their most refined expectations and pamper their luxurious cravings.

It gave our engineers a tough time because you know architects design and engineers put it together”. 

Structures in Nigeria are failing, how do you ensure the quality of your structure

The quality of the architectural design we have carried out is exclusive and top-notch that is why in Banana Island they say Suji is known for ‘rejection’ because you cannot bring crap to us.

From foundation to chandeliers we made sure that the quality of personnel we bring is the best person to carry people along as the quality of our materials go through a rigorous control system to ensure we achieve the best quality, going all the way to our KYC as we intend to bring high network individuals to live in a community of like minds.

We accept only the best materials, from sand to finish.

The luxury lord went on after a 14-story tour to urge the young students to ensure they put in their best in all they do as that is one attitudinal skill that would help them shine bright in the real world. He said “achieving excellence is not a job done by one person it is the contribution of people dedicated to excellence, people that would never compromise just as we can never reduce our standard for no man. 

You should not be known as an architect that just designs ‘face me I face you’ buildings but rather ask yourself, can I go and work in London? Can I seat amongst champions in Singapore and say I AM THE BEST? Do not reduce yourself to ‘it ok, do not settle for less. Set a standard for yourself, and design the best no matter if it’s a bathroom or storage home, the project shouldn’t define your capacity. 

In everything you do you must think like a champion and go the extra mile because when you do more than you are paid for you earn more than you work for, that is an attitude that makes you irreplaceable. 

The students who were accompanied by their lectures were highly motivated and expressed their joy as the 40 of them were offered the liberty to apply for an internship with the Sujimoto as they wish. The GMD stated that HR is always available to checkmates and help them fit into the Sujimoto team. 

The Lucrezia by Sujimoto is a luxurious Highrise located in Nigeria’s most sought-after location Banana Island. Upon completion in Q4 2022, the magnificent

structure takes inspiration from the noble hues and majestic veining of various unique resources. Lucrezia is a 15-floor 14-story building curved with 22 unique apartments, standing 76 meters tall and built with the most sophisticated materials, fitting and finishing that come from the renowned Italian, German and American roots that goes back to rediscover an artistic and architectural heritage. 

It is an architectural masterpiece known for its many Firsts; 1st building in Nigeria with a Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Façade, Africa’s 1st Luxurious interactive lobby, 1st Virtual Golf Bar with over 2500 courses; full home automation, in-house IMAX cinema; and many more firsts. 

It comes with unique and endless privileges; from full access to an Exclusive Concierge Service, Private Salon, Infinity pool, World Class Gym, to the Crèche to raise future leaders.

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