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Lagos Living: Ebonylife Cinemas (30 mins from the closest Sujimoto Residences)

Ebonylife-CinemasWill Smith’s Oscar Slap was so legendary you promised you’d watch his latest movie? You want to take your babe along and feel super cozy. Ebonylife Cinemas’ got you covered. The huge screens, the blankets you can burrow under with babe, and munch on heavenly popcorn. Can’t miss out on this enjoyable activity when you come to Lagos o. Lagos Living all the way

W Bar  Lounge, Lagos  (20 mins from the closest Sujimoto Residences)

One thing Lagos promises all its visitors is a vibrant nightlife. The highly praised DJ will have you dancing so hard, they’ll almost have to drag you away.

One of the popular favorite things about the W-Bar is the full breeze that comes through because the bar is located right next to the ocean. Don’t worry, they take safety seriously as well, so all you can do is enjoy the view while sipping your favorite drink.

Landmark Leisure Beach (30 mins from the closest Sujimoto Residences)

Landmark-Leisure-BeachThis scenic beach is a hotspot for Lagosians to chill and hang out. People enjoy having a dip in the Ocean and frolicking in the water.  “Mami Wata” can’t carry you away from this beach though, the beach is so secure, they would’ve arrested them on sight.  You can get food and drinks at the beach, bringing your food will attract extra fees though. You can also play football and fly kites as well. Whatever you choose to do, you’re going to have fun.

More on Sujimoto:  Why Ambassadors, Expats, and Business Travellers Choose Sujimoto Luxury Short-Lets Apartments

Twin Waters Arcade, Lagos (30 mins from the closest Sujimoto Residences)

Twin-Waters-ArcadeIf the PS5 in the Sujimoto Residences whets your appetite for even more gaming, there are numerous arcades to explore. Twin Waters is a secured arcade arena to play an assortment of games at. Sounds like the perfect place for a date or a fun hangout with your friends.

Lagos Living: Lekki Conservation Center (29 mins from the closest Sujimoto Residences)

Lagos-Living-Lekki-Conservation-CenterMost people look forward to doing the Canopy walk when they get to Lagos. Many choose this location on arrival in Nigeria for its refreshing exhibition of different Nigerian natural resources. The monkeys are a huge highlight of LCC, but you should watch out for them, they like to cause chaos. If you want to try something stimulating and a bit scary, try out the Canopy bridge walk amongst other fun activities.


Chill spots are a dime a dozen in Lagos, but it’s worth it to find somewhere you can enjoy safely without any wahala. RSVP is a fine-dining establishment with a lovely ambiance and great services to make you & yours feel special. Great spot for a date, or a nice meal. Most reviews mention that the food is excellent!

  1. Kaly Restaurant

Confused about where to take that fine Lagos person whose number you bagged?  

Kaly restaurant is an upscale restaurant, bar and lounge focused on Mediterranean cuisine. The ambiance of this restaurant is exquisite, lavish, and cosy. Kaly is a top choice for a beautiful first date.

You’ve partied, played around, and had more fun. You’ve defeated the final boss of Lagos. Nothing do you. Traffic has nothing on you now.  Getting home is a cinch because the Residences are located in the most secure neighborhood in Lagos.  Meaning that there’s no chance of you and yours getting snatched. Not on Sujimoto’s watch, I think not.


Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll find home away from home in our luxury short-let apartments!

Call Lynda on 08175828060 or Nicholas on 08097633087  to book a peaceful, stimulating stay in our Residences. Your flight to Lagos is booked, as you eagerly anticipate and fantasize about your vacation. The dollars are flowing, clubs filled up and the fine girls and guys ready to “chop the life of their head”.

It’s that time of the year again.

Stay with us as we take you through a relaxing mental trip that’ll have you antsy to get on that flight home. The first thing you’re considering is how smooth your ride from the airport is gonna be. Say no more. Sujimoto Residences has the tightest rides to take you from the airport straight to the luxurious short-lets in Ikoyi. Let’s talk about some of the hottest spots in Lagos to maximize your enjoyment.

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