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Mayfair Residence

While Sujimoto Residences has always been a sought-after choice for luxury accommodation, the recent surge in demand for their luxury short-let properties caught even the most seasoned industry experts off guard. The reasons behind this surge are manifold, ranging from the brand’s stellar reputation from customer centrics to the increasing preference for exclusive, personalized experiences among travelers. The below reason are the reasons tourists, expats, business professionals, and discerning travelers pick Sujimoto luxury short-let first

Unparalleled Luxury: Sujimoto luxury short-let offers are known for opulent interiors, cutting-edge design, and state-of-the-art amenities unrivaled to none. From the coziness beds perfectly wrapped in the finest white linen to private pools to panoramic city views, every aspect of the properties was designed to cater to the discerning tastes of the elite clientele.

Prime Locations: Sujimoto strategically positioned its luxury short-let residences in prime locations, allowing guests to experience the pulse of the city while enjoying a retreat into luxury. Whether it was the bustling urban energy or serene waterfront views, each property promised a unique and unforgettable experience.

World-Class Services: All services are not equal, as Sujimoto luxury short-let service is bundled with concierge services (Corporate Omo-Odo), private chefs, and personalized attention to ensure that every guest feels like royalty. The luxury short-let apartments spared no expense in curating an experience that surpassed traditional luxury hospitality and equal internationals like The Four Seasons.

Affordable Luxury: For us, quality comes before price, our Valentine discounts offers reasonable prices and excellent value for your money, with rates reduced from N200,000 to N250,000 instead of N300,000 to N400,000. Sujimoto Luxury Short Lets ensures an extraordinary stay, with stunning monthly and weekly offers for short stays and even greater deals for longer stays. Complimentary meals throughout the day, including a scrumptious breakfast, a delicious lunch, and a savory dinner, add to the exceptional experience.

MacDonalds Residence
MacDonalds Residence
MacDonalds Residence

The MacDonalds Booking Frenzy

The launch of Sujimoto Residences’ newest addition, MacDonalds luxury short-let service triggered an unparalleled booking frenzy that caught even the most optimistic projections off guard. The MacDonald Luxury SHORT-LET is the NEW “old-Ikoyi ” style of luxury living where the essence of ancient charms intertwines seamlessly with the new luxury living, a touch of opulence, jaw-dropping amenities, and creating an experience beyond imagination.

An image of a client inquiry
Client inquiry
An image of a client inquiry
Client inquiry

Within days of the announcement, reservations poured in, filling the availability calendar to capacity for months ahead. Sujimoto Residences luxury short-let once again proved its status as the king of all luxury short-lets in the high-end of Lagos.


As inquiries flooded in, it became apparent that the demand was surpassing the company’s expectations. The allure of Sujimoto Residences luxury short-let had reached a point where every available short-let was fully booked for an extended period. Guests from around the world, including dignitaries, were vying for the opportunity to experience the unparalleled luxury and hospitality that had become synonymous with the Sujimoto brand.

Refunding Clients: Bittersweet Experience

MacDonalds Residence
MacDonalds Residence

Their foray into the luxury short-let market was met with unprecedented success, leading to a scenario where demand far outstripped supply, even with the additions of new luxury short-lets in Ikoyi. This forced the company to initiate refunds for disappointed clients. While the overwhelming demand was a testament to the success and desirability of Sujimoto Residences luxury short-let, it also presented a logistical challenge. The company found itself in the difficult position of having to turn away potential and beloved guests due to the lack of available accommodations. To maintain its commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency, Sujimoto Residences luxury short-let made the difficult decision to start refunding clients.

This decision, though undoubtedly disappointing for those who had eagerly anticipated their stay, demonstrated Sujimoto Residences’ integrity and dedication to maintaining the highest standards. The company communicates openly with affected clients, expressing regret for the inconvenience and ensuring prompt and transparent refund processes.

Future Expansion and Contingency Planning

MacDonalds Residence
Sujimoto Residence

The unexpected surge in demand has prompted Sujimoto Residences luxury short-let to speed up its expansion plans and invest further in the development of additional luxury properties. The company recognizes the need to strike a balance between meeting the growing demand and ensuring that the quality of its offerings remains uncompromised.


Whether you are a tourist, traveler, business expatriate, or family seeking a blissful vacation, staycation, or beacation, our luxury short-let apartments are your home away from home.

Kindly contact Tiri at 0817 961 8616 or Esther at 0817 582 8060 to secure your reservation promptly before our exclusive apartments reach full occupancy.

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