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Rolls-Royce Launches the Phantom Syntopia – A Contemporary Marriage of Luxury and Fashion on Wheels

Hold on to your hats, because Rolls-Royce has just stirred up a major storm by joining forces with none other than high-fashion queen Iris van Herpen! And the result? it’s just as breathtaking as the union of Queen E lizabeth and King Phillip!


This top-notch collaboration has given birth to The Phantom Synthtopia, a bespoke masterpiece that’s rumored to have cost an astronomical $500,000! And boy, is it worth every penny! The design features a stunning array of glass organza petals that’ll make you think of flowing water, all painstakingly crafted using a mix of handcrafted and digital weaving techniques.

The hype surrounding this epic partnership is nothing short of mind-blowing. From luxury car enthusiasts to the top echelons of the fashion world, everyone is talking about this dazzling collaboration. Talk about a match made in heaven!


Adidas Set to Lose $1.3 billion After Split With Kanye West Yeezys 

Wow! When two large elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers. It’s unbelievable! Rumors are swirling that the controversial Rapper and Designer, Ye, has just gotten Karma to deal with Yeezys parent Brand, Adidas! Adidas, who previously stated that they would no longer work with him, is suffering the most as it has cost them over a billion dollars. 


The Yeezy brand, which people were rushing like puff-puff is now left to pick up the pieces as Adidas scrambles to recover from their devastating blow.


Adidas have been using the success of the Yeezy line to promote themselves, so this must’ve greatly affected the brand who is now trying to recoup their losses. And let’s not forget the impact on Ye’s reputation as well! But it seems like he’s not one to back down, as whispers say that he’s already on the hunt for new fashion collaborators and may even be launching his OWN sneaker line to compete with Yeezys!


This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Brace yourself for a wild ride as the fashion world braces for the aftershocks of this earth-shattering event!


Women’s History Month: Sujimoto on Emphasizing Adamant Commitment towards Embracing Equity in a Male-Dominated Industry

“My proclivity towards women comes from my enormous experience dealing with this gender and because our brand is focused on excessive luxury, I find women to pay more attention to details and have a higher level of credibility and empathy. The success of our brand is because of the quality of women we have in our company”.


 – Group Managing Director Sujimoto, Dr Olusujibomi Ogundele.


 In an industry where men make up a whopping 80%, Sujimoto is intentionally breaking the mold by welcoming women with open arms. Why? Because diverse thinking leads to better business decisions, and that requires equal gender participation. We firmly believe that within our female workforce, we have the potential for greatness – the next Zaha Hadid, Margaret Thatcher, Dere Awosika, Maiden Alex Ibru, Lady Ibru, MFR, you name it! That’s why we prioritize diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality in all aspects of our company.


But that’s not all – Sujimoto is also making waves with the iconic flagship project, a monument inspired by the noblewoman Lucrezia de’ Medici, Duchess of Ferrara, Italy. She is fast becoming the talk of the town adorned with features like exclusive Kohler Kitchens, elite IMAX Cinema, PrivateTechno- Gym etc. 


 If that’s not enough to make you swoon, wait till you hear about the limited edition sanitary wares they’ve installed. These unique pieces can only be found in 5-star hotels in Dubai, and they’re designed by none other than the legendary Zaha Hadid. Sujimoto is on a mission to redefine luxury living, and they’re doing it with a team of talented and empowered women. Who knows what they’ll do next?


Own a piece of HERstory with one of her hyper-luxury units! Call 0809 852 1646 or 0809 124 3555.


Saudi Arabia Plants $500 Billion Oxagon On The Red Sea For Neom Megacity Project

Wow! Saudi Arabia is not playing with their construction projects! From the huge cube in Riyadh just three weeks ago to the NEOM Line Project a few months ago, it’s obvious that Saudi Arabia is dominating the global construction industry with over $1.1 trillion worth of projects completed in just one year! Investors are definitely aggressively buying into the country and getting their coins!


But the project that’s causing a stir in the world of architecture is the Oxagon, which is set to become the largest floating structure EVER built! Located in the innovative city of Neom on the Red Sea coast, the Oxagon will be a centre for luxurious living, entertainment, and commerce. You know that when it comes to Saudi Arabia, luxury must always be included.


This project is going to be one of the most talked-about in the world of architecture for years to come. Saudi Arabia is definitely leading the way!


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