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luxury home in Lagos
A Luxury Shortlet

Owning a luxury homes in lagos, Lagos is becoming one of the fastest ways to build wealth, 

While interest in luxury real estate in Nigeria has continued to surge,

the fact remains that the opportunities to invest in the best kinds of properties have been rare. 

This is why the Ikoyi district in Lagos has continued to experience an upsurge of real estate investments more than anywhere in Nigeria. 

The area is one of Africa’s most affluent neighbourhoods,

thus offering luxury home seekers the benefits of location, aesthetics and enormous ROI.

While many will continue to look for real estate opportunities in Ikoyi for the sake of acquiring luxury homes,

it will be in their best interest to take a look at the Lucrezia by Sujimoto.

With the best luxury offering at the height of magnificence, the Lucrezia by Sujimoto is all there is.

Hanging skyward at 68m high, it is the tallest building on Banana Island just like the Burj Khalifa stands tallest in Downtown Dubai. 

Seekers of luxury real estate in Lagos must also know that not all homes tied to the concept of luxury and elegance fully fit the profile,

given that several offerings out there are rarely immersive and less sophisticated,

and may hardly yield the right kinds of dividends in terms of real estate investments. 

luxury home in LagosBut such cannot be said about Lucrezia, considering that it will be fully automated to enable its residents to luxuriate and enjoy hassle-free lifestyles. 

Residents in the LucreziabySujimoto must also be ready to buoy their experience in the world of luxury like never before,

given that they’ll have access to some of the best amenities sitting pretty in their homes.

 A private cinematic experience, a virtual golf course, an electric vehicle charging station,

a techno gym and an interactive lobby will be some of the few wonders that will be at the beck and call of occupiers of the Lucrezia. 

Residents will also be furnished with the experience of using a pent swimming pool, a private creche,

the famous but uncommon Zaha Hadid bathroom,

Luxury Homes In Ikoyiprivate storage and a green area to help them interact better with nature.


While investment in real estate in Ikoyi and Nigeria, in general, has continued to enable wealth creation,

Luxury Homes In Lagos

LucreziabySujimoto even offers more to those keen on generating the best kinds of investments from Luxury real estate in Lagos.


With an unmatched 60% ROI, the LucreziabySujimoto is a wealth creator,

billed to change lives and make luxury real estate one of the best forms of lucrative investment opportunities in the country.

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