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My dear Friends, Motomaticians and Colleagues,

Sujimoto Group GMD
Sujimoto Group GMD

Once again, we have all shown that impossibility is just a word that does not exist in our dictionary. For over 7 years, our individual contributions have transformed our dear company into a formidable force in the nation. Our success in the past year was made possible by everyone one of you, from Janitor to the General Managers, you all showed determination and dedication.

2021 was very challenging and yes we have a new year which also comes with its own difficulties, but our determination and the D.I.E spirit of Diligence, Integrity & Excellence remains our survival mantra. From the Lucrezia to Leonardo, to 1KBillionaire as well as our new Abuja project and all other projects in pipeline, these simple letters are embedded in our tenacity to prevail. We believe strongly that with our giant strides and determination, when aligned with our commitment and focus, there is no mountain we cannot surmount. 

Let’s remember that we have seen new innovation and new companies spring up, but our goal is to do our best to be the pioneers and pacesetters in our industries, and never folding our hands, but continually innovating and finding disruptive ideas to change the status quo. We will continue to witness new opportunities that will challenge our imagination to do more.

We have over 50 billion in assets, but like any growing business our cash flow is a determinant of our commitment to succeed. Our growth strategy shall vigorously include confronting innovative income generating cash flow that will align with our asset and cash base. As of today, the good news is that this has been taken care of and we shall henceforth witness an improved system within the next few weeks.

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In 2022, our biggest focus must be the completion of our cash-well – Lucrezia, the girlfriend that’s been eating all our money. She’s about to become a wife that will give us a lot of children (cash-flow); the long awaited LeonardoBySujimoto project, which we plan to break ground before the end of February;  Abuja 10 Hectare project which Hafsat – the Executive Director and her team are working relentlessly on; 1kbillionaire – my baby that will disrupt the whole nation; Sujiwater,  the luxury table water which must become THE water in every household; Gatsby, the location where all 1%ers comes to celebrate; SSC Lag; SSC ABj; and if the Almighty continue to bless us, the Sujimoto tower in Dubai and Sujimoto tower in SA.


In the pursuit of Excellence, all this will only be made possible with your ever enduring Strength, Commitment and most importantly dedication.

Yes it’s not news that I am very difficult to work with. As a perfectionist, I want things done in a certain manner, with high expectations from everyone to maximize their greatest potential, thus leaving very little room for failure in our pursuit of excellence, as the entire country is watching us. Just as some would criticize us positively, others will criticize us negatively. However, we as a company must take all the negative criticism as an opportunity to conduct an internal audit, learn from it, and become a better company.

Your remunerations are not enough to celebrate and thank you for all the hard work, but you will see new changes as we are about to BOUNCE out of the cash trap. You will see an intentional human development strategy, as the HR department has been mandated to develop new trainings and better welfare packages for everyone.  HMO is the least of such benefits, as I am talking about intra personal needs…. those that have been with us for long will witness very soon the opportunity to own their own homes. We shall also travel with specific people to Dubai, SA and Europe to witness that real taste of luxury. We have not done a lot of our freebies lately where we sell and give money to everyone, from janitor to General Managers. I promise that we will resume that very soon. The Free Lunch we provide to all staff is good but we shall improve on the taste and quality of the food. (Super star Engineer Dayo will also finish up the kitchen in the new office and we will also bring in a special new Chef.)

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We will continue and improve on our ethics and internal structure. As always, please approach me or your HOD for any personal help or assistance. Always have empathy and be your brother’s keeper. When something is not right, do not be shy to say it (when you don’t say it, you are destroying the company).

The intention is for everyone to feel good, be happy and inspired to come up with ideas that will change the narrative and improve the way we live. I wish you a prosperous new year and it’s my prayer that the Almighty fulfill all our deepest desires.

By the grace of God, we shall be here again to celebrate our achievements in 2022 and most importantly learn from our mistakes.

Happy New Year dear Motomaticians. Let’s make the HYPE REALER in 2022!

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