Stepping out in a simple t-shirt and an unassuming Jean trouser was the most revered Mother, Rev. Esther Ajayi. The Sujimoto staff at first didn’t see her but on recognising her; they couldn’t hide their joy as they bowed in reverence, whispering excitedly amongst them. 

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It was exactly 17 months ago that she visited the GiulianoBySujimoto in the company of Dele Momodu, while we were still at the foundation stage and her intention to purchase the penthouse met with the invisible walls of haters and naysayers, who did everything possible to question whether Sujimoto can deliver! Even though she ended up not buying, the prayers she offered on the project and her immeasurable advice was worth more than the profit we would have garnered. I remember her words to me that day: “A man that is diligent in his business will stand before kings; he shall not stand before ordinary men”.

As I took her on a tour of the Giuliano, Rev. Esther Ajayi was so impressed and couldn’t stop showering me with prayers. In the middle of the prayer, she said to me:

“The only man you must not worry about is the lazy man, but you must never underestimate the efforts of a man who is hardworking! May God bless your handwork Suji. This is wonderful! This is the best I have seen in this country.’

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Call it love at first sight, as we got to the kitchen, she was love-struck! “Wow! This looks like my Kitchen in London”,she exclaimed in awe. “I love the Marble. I wanted Granite in mine but the Oyibo people didn’t want to give me Granite but trust me, I got it anyways”.

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She was blown away by the elegance of our Zaha Hadid Master Bathroom, the elaborate Italian walk-in-closet, seamless home automation, and the exotic 2.6-metre doors; I can’t but feel the intensity of the prayers which came from the bottom of her heart, almost like a mother to a son.

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Afterwards, she turned to her Ghanaian friend who was part of her entourage and introduced me saying: “Meet our upcoming trillionaire, he is already a billionaire; getting ready to become a trillionaire. GET READY TO HEAR ABOUT HIM SOON!”

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She had to leave because she needed to catch a flight, but I couldn’t get over the excitement of her visit because I remember that at her first visit, we were about to lay the foundation to the Giuliano and I was very anxious and worried about the project, but she offered prayers and blessed the project. I am glad that true to her prayers, we had no casualties or loss whatsoever; and the foundation we laid some months ago, has finally metamorphosed into one of the best luxury terraces in Africa’s richest neighborhood – Banana Island; confirming her words that ‘when you build your foundation on God, and put in the works, you have nothing to worry about.’

This experience has really been a very touching moment for me and a reminder that people will always have something negative to say about you but with integrity and hard work, you can achieve your dream.


  • adewale
    November 13, 2019

    Good one, Suji and the Sujimoto team.


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