2 kholer Kitchens

Best Designs

Cooking is Art, Happiness is Homemade that is why we have specially selected and designed the most elegant Italian kitchen wares to give you that ultra-luxury experience and make every meal, a delightful moment.

Own your own Cinema Room

Cinematic experience

Exclusivity at its peak, explore the best cinematic experience at the comfort of your own home, With comfortable, ultra-modern home theatre rooms fitted with Italian leather seats embedded with a full body massage system.

Top-Notch Sanitary wares

Marinate in Luxury

Experience the Midas touch with the design vision of Zaha Hadid – the ‘Queen of the curve, whose fine craftsmanship gives the Giuliano luxury living a whole new expressive identity.

Best Return on Investment

Best Return on Investment

Invest in a company that understands the language of Luxury, where every square meter speaks opulence.

When you invest in the GULIANO you get an ROI of 46%. Buy The Giuliano Penthouse and Increase the value of your property.

Great Ocean View

Area view of the most affluent neighborhood in West Africa

A uniquely sophisticated combination of stone, marble and glass with 180of the most affluent neighbourhood in West Africa, for relaxation and soirees.  Have the freedom to live above your dreams.

Full Control with just a click

Smart Home Automation

The home Automation systems 
gives you centralized control of Curtains, lighting, AC, windows, home entertainment, security systems and other appliances. Smart Home Automation delivers luxury, comfort, convenience, entertainment, security, safety and energy savings. , home entertainment, security systems and other appliances.


Lux Appliances


Fast WI-FI


Swimming Pool


Parking Place




Outdoor Space








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