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The real estate industry in Nigeria is massively growing. Lagos the commercial hub is crucial for any business or transaction involving real estate. Lagos serves as the hub of Nigeria’s real estate industry, where Africa’s most luxurious and extravagant skyscraper is located— Lucrezia by Sujimoto, Banana island (The most expensive apartment in Lagos).

Which explains why investors of all sizes and types, both small and large, view the city as a desirable location.

Although the city nourishes in terms of prospects leading to enormous, often unfathomable returns on investment — which range from 6 – 60%  one must first have some basic knowledge if you wish to invest in real estate in Lagos.

Real EstateA lack of fundamental knowledge has caused many people to have their fingers burnt in an attempt to get a piece of what they perceive to be a great financial investment option.

Buyers should be informed and should take all necessary precautions before purchasing real estate in this city of many hues.

This is extremely important so that the customer may purchase and sleep soundly.

Lagos and Abuja are the countries’ most expensive cities for real estate.

The highest per capita income in the nation is found on Banana Island in Lagos,

which is also home to several high-net-worth individuals.

Old Ikoyi, Ikeja GRA, and Victoria Island are also popular among the affluent.

More on Sujimoto:  Sujimoto Group: We Guarantee Our Properties Will Stand For Over 200 Years

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