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Real Estate Investment Vs Inflation

Global investors have exercised concerns about the new global trend, Inflation and are taking massive actions to tap into the opportunity of real estate investment to maximise the new opportunity.

But as a long-term beginner investor is it smart for you to invest in real estate now? Or should you tap into fear and save up instead, well below are the smart factors that could contribute to your decision-making process.

The Inflation in Nigeria just hit a new all-high of over 17.3% thereby putting a lot of investors in Africa in a tight corner many are deliberating either to liquidate and save or hold and take potential massive hits, and a few others have discovered the amazing world of Luxury real estate investing.

Now, why is this a smart choice for the ready few, unlike regular real estate investments that earn you an average of 3% to 10% biannually, luxury real estate can bring in as much as 60% to 300% ROI biannually?

How do I invest In Luxury Real estate?

You might ask, well there are two major ways you can do this

1, Buy To Sell

2, Invest In the Project


Buy To Sell

Real Estate Investment

Just like the name says all you have to do is look for a reliable luxury real estate brand and research their projects, preferably earlier, at the off-plan phase, so the prices are at their lowest and sell during completion, preferably at least two years after, profit can be as much as 60% to 200%.

One of the top luxury brands that have proven to be the best for this model is Sujimoto Construction Limited, with projects like Lucrezia and Leonardo, and with a flexible payment plan, these projects can be a great starting point for new and expert investors.

But if you are an investor with a lower investment capital you might have a difficult time because this project would require up to sometimes a capital of $800,000 and that’s where the second model comes into carter for a more subsidized investment program.


Invest In The Project

Real Estate Investment

Tapping into Real estate Investment programs can be such a great way to build generational wealth seamlessly, the leisure, the value, plans, and the project’s potential this is such a no-brainer for a lot of experienced investors.

The process involves investing from N10,000,000 up to N1,000,000,000 and more, within an investment period of one or two years and earning you up to 15% to 60% ROI.

The Sujimoto investment is just like treasury bills or fixed deposits and can serve as a safe lock to your funds and it comes with a massive ROI.

Truth is no one can truly predict market movement, but luxury real estate investment is by far the safest wealth creation method known to mankind.

It’s always wise to review their investment strategy and make safe decisions to safeguard your future.


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