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Exactly 40 years ago – I was born not too far from here, in the busy Oke-Arin market, Lagos Island. I grew up in Agege… that’s where my story all started!


For over the past 20 to 30 years, I have been inspired by the journey of the MKOs, Dangotes, and Abdulsamad Rabiu, confronting all challenges with determination, and responding to every ‘What if’ with WHY NOT! 

40 Years later, I am here, achieving what some themed impossible….standing on the shoulders of my mentors and recognised by the Vanguard, the epitome of true journalism in our nation, Nigeria and indeed Africa.

I want all present here to know that I will never take this award for granted, and most importantly, we promise you that we shall never sleep on our past achievements, but we shall use this award as a mantle, that will propel us to achieve beyond all human expectations.

One of the toughest times of this company was when we started Sujimoto, 6 years ago. I had spoken to ALL the Bank MDs, and over 2000 investors – 99% of them told us NO, but that never stopped us from rigorously pursuing our dreams!

Yes, we had no rich uncle or powerful aunty, but we had D.I.E – Diligence, Integrity and Excellence. Some even said we couldn’t build a simple kitchen, but today, we are not only building kitchens, but we are building towers!

We are building the magnificent Lucrezia – a 14 storey tallest resident building in Banana Island… the Leonardo – the tallest and most sophisticated building in sub-Sahara Africa; …the Queen Amina – a 30 storey building that will eradicate every sense of mediocrity in the Abuja Real Estate market… and at every opportunity, we are challenging ourselves by making sure that every new project does not only beat competition, but also beat our past.

Today, I dedicate this award to all the achievers and dreamers; the Josephs, those who do not only dream, but persevere to become prime Ministers of their generation….

To Uncle Sam Amuka and all the Members of the Vanguard Editorial Board, Thank you for recognizing our committed efforts and for this Award.

Ladies and gentlemen, if nobody gives you a chair on the table of opportunity, please create your own chair! THANK YOU!

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