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I was lucky to have been born to a trader, who reminded me every day that whatever you want in life is achievable. –  Sijibomi Ogundele

She was the one who taught me the dividends of tenacity, the patience of integrity and the honour of perseverance.

She also taught me that success is not served a la carte; it is a buffet that one must chase, pursue and go after.

Over the last thirty years, I have understood certain success principles, and what it takes to achieve anything in life even without having a rich uncle, a powerful aunty or a famous family name; that anyone can become a Dangote, an Adenuga or an Innoson.

Here are 41 fundamental success principles that have brought me to where anyone can call success.


  1.  1. The No.1 lesson of success is to know what you want, your definite purpose. Without this, failure is guaranteed.
  2.  2. Be an ijebu man in the morning, an Nnewi man in the afternoon, and a man from Kano at night. You must have discipline in spending. Negotiate to the core, but never negotiate at the expense of quality.
  3.  3. The fundamental failure of any entrepreneur is not the absence of creativity but the presence of mediocrity.
  4.  4. The most important ingredient of success is INTEGRITY. Be a man of your word and let that word be your bond.
  5.  5. The fundamental secret of success is surrounding yourself with assets, not a liability.
  6.  6. Prudence in spending is an essential part of the life of any successful CEO
  7.  7. Success is a game. Just like the game of chess, victory is determined not only by your ability to discover your opponent’s weakness but also in identifying your own limitations.
  8.  8. Don’t be an ‘I better pass my neighbor.’ An essential secret for success is celebration, the need to celebrate others is vital for your own achievement.
  9.  9. My magnum irritation is not that my peers are so ambitious that they miss their potentials! But that they fear the future and settle for mediocrity.
  10.  10. The bottom is too crowded, move to the top and do something that’s never been done before.
  11.  11. Luxury is not expensive; it is the dedication and passion to deliver luxury that’s expensive
  12.  12. History has proven that your net worth is your network, meeting royalty must not be taken for granted
  13.  13. Innovation is an expensive drug, not meant to cure everyone
  14.  14. When the PESSIMISTS criticize you, and the OPTIMISTS praise you, be the REALIST and focus on your goal.
  15.  15. Thinking big or small is a choice not an obligation. But if you are going to be thinking anyway, ensure to THINK BIG.
  16.  16. Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with the pessimist, the unprepared and inactive.
  17.  17. Be deliberate, be prudent, plan. Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings
  18.  18. Inspiring people remains the depth of my inspiration. Nothing makes me happier than a testimonial from someone saying “Suji, because of you I didn’t give up”
  19.  19. Give the gift of absence to conversations that do not give you essence. Time wasted is time lost
  20.  20. Off plan sales is the fastest secret to sustainable wealth. Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.
  21.  21. When your neighbor is hungry, your chicken is not safe. Nothing inspires me more than touching the lives of others.
  22.  22. Your yesterday has nothing to do with your tomorrow. Don’t allow your past bad experiences affect your dreams. Go for it!
  23.  23. There’s politics in all businesses, don’t ever allow politics deny you on focusing on your main goals.
  24.  24. Don’t allow anyone kill your dream. Live your dream daily and if you are resilient, you will definitely achieve your dreams.
  25.  25. Luck and excellence starts from preparation. Always be prepared so that when an opportunity presents itself, it would always find you ready.
  26.  26. Be a media guru. The power to continuously engage your target audience is what separates winners from followers
  27.  27. The presence of impatience is not necessarily the absence of virtues. Money waits for no one – be deliberate, be intentional.
  28.  28. Being second best is to be last. People hardly remember deputies.
  29.  29. Negative energy is the fastest way to failure. Don’t see the cup half empty; see it half full30. One event would shape your life either positively or negatively. Whatever the events are, make sure you learn from every experience.
  30. 30. One event would shape your life either positively or negatively. Whatever the events are, make sure you learn from every experience.
  31.  31. That you do not have a rich uncle or a powerful aunty or a famous name is not an excuse for mediocrity. Your background must not limit your pursuit for success.
  32.  32. Pressure no fit burst correct pipe. From 2015 till date, the Sujimoto brand is a proof that no matter the economic realities, growth is always a possibility.
  33.  33. Change your mindset from seeking immediate gratification to value contribution.
  34.  34. Failure has no friends, success breeds enemies. Do everything you can to achieve your dreams.
  35.  35. The only offence I committed was to think BIG and I do not apologize
  36.  36. Real success breeds no arrogance. True royalty creates 0 boundaries
  37.  37. Sophistication is the greatest form of luxury. Never settle for less.
  38.  38. Vision plus diligence equates to success
  39.  39. Convert your network into your net worth. Sujimoto commissions are designed to shake your bank account and transform your life
  40.  40. Before, dem say na hype; but now the hype is real. Hustle till your haters become your praise singers
  41.  41. True luxury happens when you lower your standards for no one.



Finally, always remember the saying that the Road to success is not straight; there is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, caution lights called family, and you will have flats called jobs. But, if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, insurance called faith, and a driver called God, you will make it to a place called success and realize that what God cannot do, does not exist!!!

I wish everyone currently on their journey of becoming the very best even as they apply these truths of success into their daily endeavor and pursuit.

Don’t forget to be a part of the 41 people to receive 100 thousand naira each in celebration of my birthday. To participate follow @homewinng and @sujimoto81 and congratulations in advance.

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