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Burj Khalifa May Get A Ring Soon! 

As Downtown Circle is ready to take Vertical City to the next level

The ever-evolving Dubai skyline has received a Giant Ring proposed concept by Znera Space named “The Downtown Circle”. The design includes a ring-like building at an elevation of 550 meters and a circumference of 3000 meters. 

The Mix use project will encircle all of Downtown Dubai, while offering a bouquet of office spaces and housing units, from large office surfaces to living/working units, from lofts to townhouses, terraced houses to patio living.

The design includes a transportation system that would operate in the outer perimeter ring. A tram holding two pods would be able to transport passengers around the Downtown Circle at a speed of 100 kilometres per hour.

Burj KhalifaSustainability in the sky

As a singular mega building complex, it aims to create a hyper-efficient urban centre that gives back to the environment the proposed 550-meter-tall mega structure offers an alternative to the singular and unconnected high-rises found in most metropolitan areas. 

Downtown Circle would also feature areas to harvest rainwater solar power as well as a system that stores carbon and filters out pollutants as part of the urban ecosystem.

Burj KhalifaHow Saint Laurent Became a $3 Billion Powerhouse

Burj KhalifaWith retail sales up +49% last quarter, French luxury fashion house, Saint Laurent is on track to surpass 3 Billion dollars in sales this year under CEO Francesca Bellettini.

As luxury fashion brands shift towards more street, more pop culture, more logos and instant reading designs, Saint Laurent has remained faithful to its aesthetic and consistency in its vocabulary. The brand is fast becoming an Empire rather than a business.

At a time when other Kering brands including Alexander McQueen and Gucci dabble in resale, Saint Laurent stays away from it; at a time when gaming takes fashion by storm, Saint Laurent doesn’t jump on the bandwagon. The brand’s glamorous, sleek aesthetic puts the house in a better position than brands betting on short term fashion trends

Nonetheless, the brand attracts luxury’s coveted younger consumers. Kering’s third-quarter earnings presentation mentions a “continued appeal to younger generations”. 

The magnification of Saint Laurent also says something about where market trends are heading. According to HSBC analyst Erwan Rambourg, in fact ‘consumers are looking for references, they’re looking for iconic products, and this is one of the most iconic French brands. 

On a similar time, CEO Francesca Bellettini’s exact method to merchandising and distribution has helped the model enhances its business influence dramatically: Saint Laurent’s gross sales have grown by roughly 5-fold to €2.52 billion ($2.66 billion) since Bellettini joined the company in 2013.

Sujimoto’s One stop shop for Affordable Luxury host its Mega Sales

Whether you live in Ikorodu or Ikoyi, and your budget is 79k or N709,000 everyone loves the luxury life! An impressive-looking home, with unique fittings and furnishing, has a way of rubbing off positively on the confidence and self-esteem of the owners. Sujimoto has brought in Motomart to give you an opportunity to experience what luxury feels like. 

Sujimoto‘s One Stop Luxury Shop Motomart has announced a 25% discount on all furniture, sanitary ware, doors, and building materials products plus an inclusive free delivery.

Get up to 25% discount on everything from premium and standard luxury quality doors to living room furniture, dining room furniture, office furniture, bedroom furniture, rugs, mirrors, exotic interior decoration pieces, bidets, WCs, faucets, bathtubs, shower heads, cubicles, washbasins, doors, and all colours of paint, lights, and other building supplies.

Contact Motomart on 0802 411 22 36 or 0909 532 1622.

Jacob & Co. Opera Godfather watch sells for €450,000 at auction

Jacob & Co. has made headlines this week following a sale of its Opera Godfather watch at a charity auction in Capri, Italy at a sum of € 450,000.

For more than a quarter of a century, Jacob & Co has created revolutionary timepieces and exquisite jewelry that have captivated celebrities amongst notable personalities.

The watch, donated by Jacob & Co., Was first made in 2019 in collaboration with Paramount Pictures, which granted the right to use the trademark of the film The Godfather.


Design elements were borrowed from the movie poster, set and costumes such as the rose Don Corleone wore at his daughter’s wedding, puppeteer strings depicting the film’s atmosphere of manipulation and betrayal, and a violin, is used as a crown.


Limited to 88 pieces, the black DLC titanium edition of the Godfather of the Opera with its striking mechanisms (evoking a total of 120 notes from the film’s theme) represents a complicated and challenging undertaking in Haute Horlogerie.

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