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Branded Residences Wagon hits the fast lane, with Bvlgari, Porsche, and Bentley all hopping aboard.

Branded-ResidencesReady! Set! GO! Luxury living just got a whole lot more exclusive, as the race is on to see who can create the most extravagant, lavish branded residences. 

Society’s obsession with brand recognition and trust in premium brands drives the market forward. The competition is fierce, and the brands are pulling out all the stops to get ahead. 

Take Bvlgari, for instance, they’ve just launched the Bvlgari Lighthouse on Dubai’s exclusive Jumeirah Bay Island, with units starting at a mind-boggling 17 million dollars.  

 Meanwhile, in Nigeria, Sujimoto is turning heads with premier luxury residences in Lagos, featuring one-of-a-kind short-term apartments with top-notch quality services stretching across the island.

It’s a luxurious life for those who can afford it, and the Branded Residence Wagon is moving full steam ahead!

Jay Z and Beyoncé Take Security to the Next Level with Bullet-Proof Windows in Their $88 Million Bel-Air Mansion! 

Luxury-living-brand-residencesBeyoncé and Jay-Z, the illustrious music duo, have added a touch of drama to their already extravagant lifestyle with their latest move. The couple has installed bulletproof windows in their Los Angeles mansion, leaving fans and paparazzi alike speculating about their newfound safety concerns. With a combined net worth of $1.16 billion, it’s no surprise that they’re taking every measure to protect their family.

The couple’s $88 million Bel Air estate is a true testament to their lavish lifestyle. With six separate structures spanning 30,000 square feet, the mansion boasts eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a 15-car garage, a spa, and a home cinema, complete with a luxurious lizard-skin door. The cost of the bulletproof window installation is unknown, but sources speculate it could run as high as half a million dollars!

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Despite the couple’s tight-lipped approach to their personal life, one thing’s for sure: they’re not taking any chances when it comes to the safety of their family.

Grand Czar Of Luxury, Sujimoto set to Launch a WHOPPING #250 billion naira Megacity Project, revolutionizing Affordable Housing Forever


The First TRAM in Africa is set to launch right here in Nigeria. 

Emperor of luxury, Sujimoto is set to unleash a groundbreaking project unlike anything ever seen in Nigeria! Vexed at the gross mass housing deficit that leaves many homeless and destitute, the visionary real estate magnate has taken it upon himself to revolutionize affordable housing, beginning with “A New Smart City”.

The city is buzzing with excitement at the prospect of a city to set them free from the shackles of tenancy and launch them into Landlord status with as low as #22 million naira.

Word has it that this new city will stand toe-to-toe with the grandest mini-cities around the world. Ilu-Titun, “The New City,” is set to bridge the Massive Housing Deficit and revolutionize the housing industry as we know it in Nigeria with modern and spacious homes, providing her residents with the perfect blend of comfort, affordability, and convenience.

With mind-blowing world-class features, The New City offers a cohesive community experience with world-class golf, amusement park, hotels, supermarkets, sports & kids’ parks, pools & gyms. Perfect for families with schools & hospitals, and a free trade zone for business growth.

Reserve and become a landlord, and be one of the few progressive investors to get massive discounts, Call 08098521646 or 08091243555 today.

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High Fashion meets Luxury Automotives as Mercedes  Maybach launches new Mercedes S-Class Haute Voiture.


Mercedes-Maybach just raised the bar for luxury with their new, exclusive S-Class Haute Voiture! With only 150 being made, this car is for the elite few who want to make a serious fashion statement. The two-tone paint job, featuring nautical blue on top and light rose on bottom, is guaranteed to turn heads. And the doors? Forget about it! They open to reveal illuminated elements with animated Mercedes-Maybach patterns projected onto the ground.  

The inside is a true fashion lover’s dream, with high-end elements integrated throughout the cabin.  The car’s blue wheels match the top half of the exterior, completing the look. From the moment you sit behind the wheel, you’ll feel like a celebrity. 

Dior Unveils Groundbreaking 3D Printed Installation on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach, Showcasing Latest Designs and Iconic Pieces

Branded-Residences-Dior-DiorLuxury fashion giant Dior just took over Dubai’s Jumeirah beach with their awe-inspiring installation! This breathtaking structure, made from natural materials like clay, sand, and raw fibres, was crafted using a revolutionary 3D printing system from WASP. It’s a first for the brand, pushing the limits of their craftsmanship by creating a liveable space with 3D printing technology.

The space is a feast for the senses, with designs from the Dioriviera women’s collection in vivid hues, designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri. From the iconic Dior Book Tote to the latest additions to the 2022 cruise line, like the Lady Dior Wicker baskets, it’s all there.

As you lounge on the deckchairs facing the ocean, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of Jumeirah Beach and the technological wonder of 3D printing. 

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Dubai’s Luxury Hotels Continue To Rule The Scene With Innovative Designs, Setting New Standards In The Industry

It’s no secret that Dubai’s luxury hotel scene is seriously next level! The who’s who of the rich and famous flock to this city for a taste of its extravagant lifestyle. From lavish furnishings and top-notch service to breathtaking views and over-the-top amenities, these hotels are setting a new bar in the industry.

Dubai’s luxury hotels offer the ultimate VIP experience. From the dripping royalty at Atlantis the Royal Dubai to the serene escape at Six Senses Southern Dunes, each hotel offers a unique touch. The Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab epitomizes luxury with private beaches and top-notch service, while the Fairmont and Raffles Doha mixes modern and traditional design.

Don’t miss the architectural masterpiece of the One Za’abeel. Dubai’s luxury hotels are a testament to the city’s architectural brilliance and impeccable taste in luxury. Dubai’s luxury hotels are a testament to the city’s architectural brilliance and impeccable taste in luxury.

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