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King of The Road ‘Rolls Royce’ charges its path into the Electric Age

-The Rolls Royce Spectre will cost roughly $400,000. Set to hit the market towards the end of 2023.

Rolls Royce has accelerated into the beginning of another era with the unveiling of the first non-petrol car in the company’s 120-year history.

The iconic British luxury car maker has completed the first step toward fulfilling its promise to sell only electric vehicles by 2030 with the unveiling of ‘The Rolls Royce Spectre’.

The electric range of the Super Coupé which is a spiritual successor to Phantom Coupé is expected to run up to 530km on a full charge, and sprint from zero to 100km/h in four-and-a-half seconds.

According to Rolls-Royce, Spectre is its first car to be conceived and engineered from the beginning as an electric vehicle, and signals that electric technology has reached the stage where it is powerful enough for its luxury vehicles.


Rolls-Royce describes the Electric Car as being a “prophecy fulfilled”, citing the company’s co-founder Charles Rolls in 1900 made a Prescient Prophecy About Automotive Electrification of the Super Luxury Car.


Gucci Dwells Here: London’s Iconic Hotel The Savoy Houses Fashion Giant

With a splendid new luggage boutique on the ground floor of The Savoy

Italian high-end luxury fashion house -Gucci has taken over UK’s first-ever luxury hotel, The Savoy as the fashion house celebrates its contribution to travel luggage and accessories

Since time immemorial, The Savoy hotel has been nothing short of a London legend, one which has not just endured but positively thrived since its luxurious doors first swung open back in 1889.

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The recently unveiled Gucci Royal Suite and Pop-Up Shop is a feast for the senses, a fashion lover’s dream and a stroke of pure genius, while also being a heartfelt ode to the brands’ surprising shared history.

The brand’s concept behind presenting their latest line at The Savoy was the experience of Guccio Gucci who actually worked as a porter at the Savoy in the early 20th century. There, he was able to observe all the famous people with their premium luggage, hence the inspiration for Gucci to introduce an artisanal luggage atelier in 1921.

The Savoy has always been at the forefront of modernity and has some notable achievements in its records, as it was one of the first hotels in the U.K. to have electric elevators, en-suite bathrooms, and also ranks as one of the most exclusive places to stay in London.


“There is Immerse Value Beneath the Earth Core”

Sotheby’s Digs into the Auction of 8 Ultra-Rare Blue Diamonds valued at a staggering $70 million

Collectors of fancy colour diamonds will soon be given the chance to acquire any of eight stunning blue miracles of nature.

The diamonds were sourced from the Cullinan Mine in South Africa and vary in shape and size, ranging from a 1.2-carat oval shape to an 11.29-carat step-cut. Together, the collection weighs more than 32 carats.

The first of the eight to be sold will be a 5.53-carat diamond, appearing at the Sotheby’s Magnificent and Nobles Jewels auction in Geneva on 9 November. 

Two more blue diamonds will feature at the Magnificent Jewels auction in New York on 7 December, while the remaining five diamonds are expected to be auctioned in 2023.


This isn’t the first time Sotheby’s has offered the geological rarities. In fact, in April, the house sold a 15.10-carat De Beers blue diamond at auction for a gob-stopping $57.5 million.

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