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Sujimoto has set out to disrupt the modus operandi of luxury real estate in Africa,

as the first developer to adopt premium door tech from the world’s “Rolls Royce of door architecture”  Oikos in its residential project, the LucreziaBySujimoto.

As a brand that is always at the forefront of setting the pace and dictating the standard in the luxury real estate market in Africa, one building at a time;

Sujimoto has announced that all doors at the prestigious Lucrezia Tower,

located in Africa’s most expensive and exclusive neighbourhood Banana Island,

will feature the ‘King of Doors’ Oikos door technology.

SujimotoSujimotoExclusively crafted with cutting-edge technology,

and meticulously designed from a rich Italian cultural heritage,

the 31-year-old Oikos Tech luxury doors have remained a cause for fascination in the world of Door Technology.

Dubbed the door for royalty as it is widely used by royals ranging from the King of Dubai to the Queen of England. 

With a high concentration on security,

Oikos doors are made with a minimum Class 3 rating rendering them virtually impenetrable,

even better and stronger than most bank doors.

Oikos doors combine safety and performance in creating a masterpiece while giving you the option of choosing between doors with concealed hinges or non-concealed hinges.

SujimotoSujimotoSpeaking on Sujimoto and Oikos relationship, the Group Managing Director and CEO of Sujimoto, Mr Sijibomi Ogundele divulged that the company’s decision to adopt the highly exclusive Oikos door stemmed from an irrepressible need to maintain an unbeatable standard of luxury and peculiarity which the Sujimoto brand is renowned for.

According to Mr Sijibomi Ogundele;

“Security is the most important Luxury and as such, our doors must uphold this simple philosophy.

Just like Sujimoto is blazing the trail of luxury living, Oikos are maestros at what they do innovating doors that are beyond par, both aesthetically and in performance.

We have decided to imbibe these assets into the Lucrezia De Medici,

which is nearing completion and currently is the tallest residential building in Africa’s highbrow neighbourhood, Banana Island.

The Lucrecia with designer fittings and premium facilities ranging from a luxury crèche to nurse the leaders of tomorrow,

to the indulgence of an infinity pool; to the immersive experience of an IMAX cinema,

down to the presence of the prestigious Zaha Hadid by Porcelanosa sanitary wares, a Virtual Golf Bar with over 2500 courses among others, and now Oikos door.

By the time we complete the Lucrezia, no other building will have the opportunity to stand beside it.”

True to his words, Lucrezia doesn’t fall short of his ambition.

From the foundation to the chandelier, the Lucrezia is a masterpiece of architectural ingenuity.

It comes loaded with a Virtual Golf Bar where you can play on over 2500 courses worldwide;

door technology by Oikos- the Rolls Royce of door automation; an IMAX cinema for an immersive experience;

a Private Elevator; Personalized concierge services; an indoor swimming pool, a World-class gym for fitness enthusiasts;

Interactive lobby to conduct all business, Full home automation which allows you to control the lights, blinds, security,

utilities, music systems, alarms, TVs and every other entertainment device in your home from the touch of a button;

Electric car charging stations; Kohler kitchens; Crèche for future leaders;

Private salon for male and female grooming; fine marble flooring; super high ceilings;

flawless Calacatta marbled kitchen tops and several amazing features that are sure to excite luxury aficionados.

Changing the global rule when it comes to customer service and satisfaction and going the extra mile with a fierce customer-centric approach is Sujimoto’s biggest secret.

Sujimoto is the No.1 Luxury Real Estate Company in Nigeria and the Developer of GiulianoBySujimoto which is home to Nigerian-American singer, Davido;

LucreziaBySujimoto which is set to be the most sophisticated high-rise in Africa is a 14-storey tower with incredible premium features and facilities;

the LeonardoBySujimoto waterfront development is a 25-story luxury tower with exceptional amenities;

the QueenAminaBySujimoto, a first-of-its-kind luxury tower located in highbrow Abuja;

and the developer of the proposed Sujimoto Tower in Downtown Dubai.

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