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For us at Sujimoto, giving is not a Corporate Social Responsibility, it is an obligation- Sijibomi Ogundele LLB

Over 5000 Muslims just at the gate of Banana Island are experiencing the magnanimity of Sujimoto, as they embark on an initiative to feed everyone fasting during this holy Month of Ramadan. Sujimoto Ramadan Iftar Initiative is hinged on fostering the spirit of generosity by feeding over 5000 Muslim observing the fast in the month of Ramadan.

Speaking about this initiative, the MD of Sujimoto – Sijibomi Ogundele said:

Learning from the great MKO Abiola who fed the masses every Friday and during the holy month, we have decided to follow the steps of the admirable mega philanthropist.

Addressing a video that was circulating on social media some weeks ago, where someone alluded to Ikoyi as becoming infiltrated with touts and hooligans, Sijibomi Ogundele has a different opinion. According to him:

Nigerians are very hardworking people and a lot of these young skilled artisans come to Ikoyi and environ in search of their daily bread and these are the people who work in most construction sites in the neighbourhood. They are not hooligans or invaders as supposed by that video, they are hardworking youngsters, some of who are artisans. Our Iftar Initiative therefore is targeted at feeding these dedicated and hardworking Tilers, Masons, Plumbers and other Construction Labourers in Banana Island and its environs as a way of appreciating their effort and input towards nation building.

Mr. Ogundele also dropped a hint on his company’s Iftar plan for next year. 

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“Next year, we at Sujimoto aim to take it a step higher; killing 1 cow each day all through the fasting period and reaching all 36 states in the country.”

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