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Sujimoto’s Lucrezia De Medici elevates the luxury Banana Island project with Oikos Doors

Nigeria’s foremost luxury real estate brand – Sujimoto Construction has announced that all doors at the Lucrezia De Medici, “the tallest residential and most exclusive building in Banana Island”, will be the elite Oikos door technology.

For the umpteenth time, Sujimoto has set out to disrupt the modus operandi of luxury real estate in Africa, as the first developer to adopt premium automated door tech from the world’s “Rolls Royce of door automation” – Oikos – in a residential project.
The managing director of the construction company, Sijibomi Ogundele, revealed that,

“From the high rises of Bourdillion to tall buildings in Eko Atlantic, Ikoyi and Victoria Island is replete with numerous luxury developers spurring our move to be distinct by prioritizing customer satisfaction above profit maximization.

For this reason, we are investing an average of 30,000 Euros more, on each door with an overall number of 22 doors giving over 660,000 euros (N352,000,000). By spending such an amount which some developers might see as outrageous, it is evident that our focus remains a matter of quality, increasing the value of customer assets through the convergence of first-rate luxury materials thereby augmenting the value of each unit. Many developers would use doors ranging from 200,000 Naira to a maximum of 1,000,000 Naira but we, see that the bottom is too crowded, therefore, we are headed for the top.”

Exclusively and exotically produced with the very best of cutting-edge materials, the 31-year-old Oikos Tech luxury doors since their inception, have remained a cause for fascination in the world of Door Technology. With a high concentration on security, Oikos doors are made with a minimum of Class 3 rating rendering them virtually impenetrable, even more than bank doors.
While speaking to newsmen, he further disclosed that Lucrezia De Medici will be the first residential condominium in Africa to house these premium and exclusive doors. He divulged that the company’s decision to adopt the highly exclusive mechanisms of Oikos stemmed from an irrepressible need to maintain an unbeatable standard of luxury and peculiarity. He added that,

“Just like Sujimoto blazing the trail of luxury living, Oikos are maestros at what they do – innovating doors that are beyond par both aesthetically and in performance.

We have decided to imbibe these assets into the Lucrezia De Medici, which upon completion will be the tallest residential building in Africa’s highbrow neighborhood, Banana Island, and will be rich with the best fittings ranging from a luxury creche to nurse the leaders of tomorrow, to the indulgence of an infinity pool; to the immersive experience of an IMAX cinema, down to the presence of the prestigious Zaha Hadid by Porcelanosa sanitary wares, a Virtual Golf Bar with over 2500 courses among others. By the time we complete the Lucrezia, no other building will have the opportunity to stand beside it.”

When questioned about the exorbitant prices synonymous with Oikos Tech, Ogundele heartily answered

“We have decided to bear the cost of quality in order to forfeit the price of mediocrity. We are known for luxury in its purest and unadulterated form. In that regard, we will always go the extra mile to quench the thirst of those who know the real value of true luxury. We shall lower our standards for no man. This is why in the world of Luxury Real Estate, we stand sui generis: second to none. If Oikos is what it takes to change the game of luxury in Africa, then, my friends, Oikos it shall be.”

The Managing Director who highlighted that owning the Lucrezia is a privilege and not a right, he said his company is keen on providing the coziest and most luxurious apartments for Africans while creating opportunities for investors to secure an impressive return on investment.

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