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When Steve Jobs said “Be a yardstick of quality” he believed that continuous impact creation is a very powerful way to build the society of our dreams. Drawing inspiration from the great Jobs is Dr. Olasijibomi Ogundele who has taken the crumbs life fed him in a society of limited opportunities and has made diamonds out of it. Dr. Ogundele, who within the space of eight years has built his company – Sujimoto Group, into a Luxury Real estate behemoth in Africa, that is now setting global real standards is an audacious young entrepreneur who is very vocal about his dreams and stops at nothing to actualize the impossible.

With a strict philosophy on diligence, integrity and excellence, Dr. Sijibomi Ogundele’s name is synonymous with extraordinary works of art. His firm Sujimoto Construction transformed the sleepy seaside town of Banana Island into a more luxurious residential area through its LucreziaBySujimoto Project. Another notable project is the landmark building Giuliano de Medici that houses famous Grammy nominated Nigerian artist Davido, which is nothing compared to incoming projects – LeonardoBySujimoto, Queen Amina, Sujimoto Twin Towers, Ilu Titun, Sujimoto Tower in Downtown Dubai, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Considering his landslide achievements within such a short while, he is described by Forbes Africa as a brave young entrepreneur, an epitome of hard work and an innovation addict whom only a very few under 40s or 50s can stand toe-to-toe with. Dr Ogundele has left a legacy on entrepreneurship, similarly to others who have gone before him. He is an inspiration not only to young entrepreneurs but also to young people in our generation, always reminding people that anyone can come from Ikorodu and become a house owner in Ikoyi. If the late Chief MKO Abiola can come from selling coal in Abeokuta to becoming a national icon, then Nigeria has something for any uncommon, hardworking, and diligent entrepreneur who has dreams beyond the challenges of our environment. 



In recent times, Sujimoto Group has embarked on some bold restructuring in readiness for the next big phase of its corporate existence. A phase Dr. Ogundele describes as ‘Corporate Governance, Alignment and Expansion Strategy’. In his words, ‘You can’t think locally and expect to play globally’. His looks may be modest and unassuming, but his ambition is taller than the Burj Khalifa. With a future project and current project portfolio worth over $1 billion USD, Mr. Ogundele – the Sujimoto Boss is not slowing down anytime soon as he has expanded his corporate appetite to manufacturing, hospitality and retail, with an ambition to have a Sujimoto project in every corner of major cities in Africa. 

Despite the unending economic barriers and challenges in today’s society, the 41-year-old entrepreneur keeps filling his glasses with new and more challenging projects not only in Africa but also in the Middle East. In a recent interview with IBOM Air, he hinted that 2023 is a year where more than ever before, Sujimoto Group will embark on a strategic internal restructuring as an organisation. For him, this new era in the organisation’s corporate existence, will provide Sujimoto a great opportunity to see the world as its marketplace, consolidate on its local presence and export its vision to all corners of the globe.


He further stated that “Sujimoto has been constantly working in the background, creating immense value for our numerous stakeholders through the establishment and expansion of other retail business opportunities, with the foundation of a sound corporate governance structure. The idea is to create an organisation that everyone – both current and prospective investors, can benefit from. Starting out as a luxury real estate construction company, Sujimoto has grown into a Group of companies comprising Sujimoto Residences – the Luxury short-let arm of the business; Sujimoto Readymix concrete and cement business; Suji Water – premium table water company; Mr. Meat – the butchery and abattoir business which is dubbed the Uber for quality but affordable meat; S-Mart – the Walmart for luxury hypermarket experience and a one-stop-shop where you can buy anything and everything; S-Hotel – a boutique 5-star hotel that blends African luxury hospitality with 21st century architecture, built on customer addiction and corporate house help philosophy; Sujimoto Mall – and our numerous luxury residential projects.”

In a time like this, Dr. Olasijibomi Ogundele keeps making giant strides and continues to be one of the vital few extraordinary men who see opportunities where others see calamities and would stop at nothing to ensure the extensive growth of the real estate sector in Nigeria and the world at large. 

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