The Banana Island investment that is on everyone’s lips: 5 fundamental reasons why you MUST think LeornadoBySujimoto FIRST!

The LeonardoBySujimoto, an audacious project that converges two distinctly opposing entities – luxury and affordability, promises to put an end to mediocrity in luxury real estate in Nigeria.

An inspiration from the iconic 16th century artist and Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci himself, the LeonardoBySujimoto stands at the very core of sophistication, art and architecture.

Like Blitzkrieg, a holistic warfare game plan that uses the elements of SURPRISE and SPEED in the execution of innovative ideas to achieve the impossible, the LeonardoBySujimoto is coming to disrupt architectural imagination and introduce a new trend with a waterfront property whose features and facilities cannot be found anywhere in Africa.
In bringing this project to life, we did not only study the life and history of Leonardo Da Vinci, we studied the best projects in Ikoyi and Eko Atlantic. Armed with this information , we created 7 exclusive features and facilities that give the LeonardoBySujimoto a
competitive edge over its counterparts.

Below are five fundamental reasons why the LeonardoBySujimoto should be your number 1 choice:

The Banana Island investment that is on everyone
Over 400% ROI in 2 Years

With treasury bills at 3% and volatility of the stock market, Real Estate and the LeonardoBySujimoto remain the ultimate investment options for savvy investors with more than 400% ROI in 2 years.

Some who invested in Sujimoto’s Banana Island Project, Giuliano De Medici, bought off-plan at N300,000,000 and sold at N580,000,000. The 3 Bedroom you are buying today for $650,000.00 will be sold at $3 Million upon completion, giving you over 400% ROI in 2 years!

Now is the time to buy!

The Banana Island investment that is on everyone

Exclusive Features
The LeonardoBySujimoto is excellence beyond par with an array of world class facilities such as a 24 hours walk in Mini clinic and mini mart, Full Home Automation which allows residents access every part of their home at the touch of a button, In-House Salon
exclusive to residents needs, Fully furnished and customized Crèche, Interactive Lobby where meetings and businesses can be conducted,Luxury Spa with professional masseuses, Fully equipped Techno Gym, Infinity Pool, exclusive and multiple Award Winning Zaha Hadid Bathroom amongst others.

After completion, the LeonardoBySujimoto will not only compete with the best buildings in Nigeria but with other notable luxury condominiums in the world.

The Banana Island investment that is on everyone

Automatically membership of our Exclusive Boat Club

The LeonardoBySujimoto is a Waterfront property with an exclusive boat club reserved for residents alone – a first of its kind feature that makes you think you are in Miami or some place in Dubai. Imagine being able to take a boat from the LeonardoBySujimoto to Portharcourt in less than two hours.

The Banana Island investment that is on everyone

Whether for purely residential purposes or as an investment opportunity, the LeonardoBySujimoto stands sui generis- second to none. To the audacious investors who seek luxury and bounty, this is your Eureka moment!

For an initial deposit of $150,000 (30%), you too can unlock your gateway to own a piece of Banana Island.

For a 2, 3 or 4 bedroom, call Dammy on 0809 852 1646 or Tomiwa on 08185006891 for further enquiries.


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