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Real Estate InvestmentWhile real estate investment in Nigeria are increasingly becoming a hot topic within the domain of wealth creation, there have been a series of questions regarding the best kinds of investments in the industry. 

Over time, the most popular kinds of investments in real estate in Nigeria largely consisted of the practice of buying lands and by extension, homes. 

But in recent years, other aspects of investments are becoming receptive.

Beyond the aspect of buying real estate to sell, another lucrative form of investment in the industry has been investing in real estate projects most times from scratch to completion.

That way, investors have continually earned high ROI within a period of time say 12 to 24 months.

Those investors with the quest to earn higher have mostly opted for luxury real estate,

given the nature of value, aesthetics and high returns tied to luxury homes.

 Thus, while investment in luxury real estate in Nigeria is becoming rather common,

new investors in the industry are now asking what investment plans have the best ROI.

A look into the real estate market in Nigeria shows that several brands place the value of their ROI between 10% to 25%. 

Real Estate Investment
The Best Real Estate Investment

While this may portend enormous value for investors within the period of their investment plan,

Sujimoto offers much more giving luxury real estate the best value for wealth creation in Nigeria. 

Placed at 60%, the brand, through its grand and ongoing projects at the Lucrezia and Leonardo is offering investors unbeatable value for them to invest in. 

More on Sujimoto:  $920 Million (N685 Billion) Sujimoto’s Six Audacious Projects for 2023

This offering is at the moment arguably unmatched in any part of Nigeria. 

What also makes the Sujimoto investment opportunities at the Lucrezia and Leonardo most soothing,

is that its luxury real estate projects are situated in Banana Island, Ikoyi. 

This location is arguably the most valuable in Nigeria in the context of real estate.

And an advantage of this sort, including the offering of luxury, is the kind investors must take with both hands.

 A 60% ROI is the best real estate investment at the moment. 

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