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As inflation continues to bite with harsh consequences, the naira has taken another beating in the foreign exchange market, slumping to N1,305/$ at parallel market rate as of October and is estimated to reach N2,000/$ in no time. Smart investors now have an obligation to seek stable investment opportunities to cushion the persistent economic boom.

With the chronic ankle instability of the naira as against the greenback, savvy investors whose objective is capital preservation and great return on investment are already seeking alternative ways to brace the effect of the persistent rise in inflation and financial market instability, or, better put, Forex ‘Mago Mago’.

Amidst this gloomy economic tide that has sank the local currency, Sujimoto Group, Nigeria’s foremost luxury real estate developer reputed for constructing the iconic Giuliano building and the much-talked- about LucreziaBySujimoto tower in Banana Island, has announced the opening of a new investment frontier and home ownership opportunity designed to help savvy investors mitigate the risk of losing their wealth to inflation while creating an intrinsic potential to triple the value of their investment in the next 3 years.

GMD Sujimoto Group, Dr. Olasijibomi Ogundele

With the galloping inflation that has eroded the purchasing power of most Nigerians, Sujimoto has decided to move quickly to offer a dollar-backed asset-based investment solution that caters to the needs of customers who seek investments that can help hedge against inflation or local currency risk and provide the best form of wealth preservation.

An investment window has finally opened in the last hour as Sujimoto has announced the release of 8 more units of the Leonardo waterfront property as a dollar-backed investment for investors who are quick enough to grab the off-plan opportunity as the firm makes preparations to commence the construction of the tallest residential building in Nigeria, LeonardoBySujimoto, before the end of 2023.

The LeonardoBySujimoto: One Definitive Place to Live, Work & Play

First, it was ‘GiulianoBySujimoto’ followed immediately by ‘LucreziaBySujimoto’, both of which sold out before final completion. Now, The Leonardo serves as a commitment to the teeming customers who wish to have the luxury of owning a unit of Sujimoto’s iconic apartments in Nigeria’s upscale and pristine address of Ikoyi while aiding clients diversify their portfolio into high-end real estate investments and hedge against the risk of local currency devaluation.

An average exchange rate of the naira in 2020 was N363/$ at black market price, with 1 million naira exchanged at approximately $2,755. Now, the same 1 million naira based on the current exchange rate of N1,305/$ has depleted the value to $816, a huge decline of over 300% within a span of 3 years.

In 2021, investors who bought the Lucrezia off-plan for approximately $850k are today selling it for $3 million, earning over 350% ROI in less than two and a half years. This is the reason why the Sujimoto brand has consistently positioned itself to create value for customers, helping them find ways to turn their $1 into $3 through luxury real estate investment.

FTx Exchange Rate: N1,305/$ |Black Market

In an economic shift like this, experts have long advised that the best place to put money is in asset-based investments, and the best way to mitigate the fall of the naira against an investment is by investing in a dollar-backed Sujimoto asset.

According to the brainchild and GMD of Sujimoto Group, Dr. Olasijibomi Ogundele, ‘finding the right property and investment opportunity to hedge against inflation is important, as it serves as the cushion against inflation and the money vault with intrinsic potential to become a high yield investment.

“The Leonardo waterfront condominium offers you a shield from currency risk,” and it is a great way to spread your investment and reduce your risk exposure in a turbulent economy like this. Dr. Ogundele added

The 3-bedroom apartments at the Leonardo waterfront property, which is currently listed at a 25% discounted price of $750k, will be sold for $1.5 million during construction and $2.5 million upon completion, earning investors and prospective homebuyers over 300% ROI in the next 2 years.

In upscale off-plan real estate projects, when an investor puts $1 million into an asset, there is a global thumb rule for such invested capital to increase by 50% during project break-ground, with another 100% increment during construction and another 100% increase upon completion. This gives a combination of over 200% ROI.

As Nigeria is caught in the crossfire of macroeconomic shocks stemming from the crash of the crude oil market, naira devaluation, insecurity, and other factors, the luxury real estate firm has decided to open this window of opportunity for clients and customers to take advantage of an investment opportunity that will only last for 30 days before groundbreaking commences.

“We are on the final lap to commence construction, and have decided to offer 8 units to investors who do not want to miss on an off-plan opportunity before 30 days.”

-Dr. Olasijibomi Ogundele

A Benchmark of Global Standard

The Leonardo project represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a Sujimoto property, either to live in it while in Lagos or to put it on Sujimoto Residences’ Airbnb-style fully managed luxury short-let service, which guarantees an estimated rental income of $50,000–$200,000 per year.

The iconic 150-metre-high waterfront project, which will sit on a land area of 4000 sq. m in the stunning vistas of Banana Island (Nigeria’s most expensive square metre), is deemed to set the record as: the first building in Nigeria with an expansive fully-automated interactive lobby; the first residential building with a standard Private IMAX cinema; a creche and kiddies arcade room; a first-of-its-kind Krione façade system; and a full home automation system where you can control your door, curtain, music, light, and TV from the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

The Iconic Leonardo Ocean Front Project, slated to Commence in Q4 2023

Set to bring Florence to Nigeria and the vertical living experience of Dubai to the heart of Ikoyi, the Leonardo high-rise projects, according to the luxury real estate firm, draw inspiration from the iconic polymath Leonardo da Vinci, a 16th-century Italian renaissance who has captured the very essence of art and sophistication with his masterpiece designs.

Beautifully designed with precision and elegantly portrayed in the curvatures of the monumental works of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci, the Leonardo project comprises 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4- bedroom opulent bedrooms and 5-bedroom fully furnished penthouses with a five-star living experience.

Speaking further on the iconic Leonardo property, Dr. Ogundele noted that the project is an attempt to create a unique address for the 1% of the 1%, giving them a sense of excellence and a great return on investment.

LeonardoBySujimoto, which is projected to break ground by Q4 2023, has already sold out over 30% of its units and has a very strict KYC to ensure it attracts and brings in only one type of clientele. However, to own 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms of the LeonardoBySujimoto, kindly contact Hillary on 08098521646 or Vanessa on 08091243555, and they’ll provide you with the details and requirements of what it takes to own a piece of the Leonardo.

Dr. Sijibomi Ogundele is the Managing Director of Sujimoto Group, the Czar of Luxury Real Estate Development, and the mastermind developer behind the renowned Giuliano. Our other audacious projects, such as the most sophisticated building in Banana Island, LucreziaBySujimoto, the grandiose Sujimoto Twin Tower, the tallest twin towers in Africa; the regal Queen Amina by Sujimoto, a monument to royal affluence; the magnificent high-rise LeonardoBySujimoto; Nigeria’s No. 1 most affordable luxury housing, Ìlú Titun, and Africa’s most exclusive waterfront townhouses, GiovanniBySujimoto, some of which have etched an indelible imprint on Nigeria’s skylines, a testament to their unrivalled mastery of modern day engineering.

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