A conversation between Mr. Bank (An Investor) & Sujimoto.

October 2017:

Bank: Suji, more than 12 people talk say make I no give you this money o! Even that Lady wey get that big Real Estate Agency talk say I go enter one chance! Hmm… Suji! E get as e be ooo!

He takes a long pause, stroking his beards. Then he continues

Bank: But how we go do am naa? Oya Nwane’m, bring that land paper. Yes, bring your house paper too! Wait… what about that your Mama house papers because bros we go need more collateral o!

5 Months Later … March 2018

Bank: Chaii Suji, God no go forgive all those people wey talk otherwise! Nwane’m, see how fast you dey go? See as the building dey take shape? Chai! See finishing ooo!!!

 He takes a walk around admiring the building like a child would admire a new toy and continues.

 Bank: Ehen, Bia Suji Nwane’m, (Clears throat) so when is the next project? I get 1Billion for you, with shikini interest.

 Both parties burst into laughter.

 A conversation between Mr. Client (A Buyer) & Sujimoto.

January 2018

Client: (Admiring the Giuliano Penthouse) Suji, this your Penthouse is nice o, but I spoke to all my friends and they said your finishing is not as good as you explained. They said you will not deliver that you failed on Lorenzo. In fact, one of them even said you can’t do it!

He takes a one more look at the penthouse and continues.

 Client: …but Suji, I like this design and you are like an ‘aburo’ to me so I will buy it but.. I must let you know that I am afraid, not about losing my money but I don’t want my friends to laugh at me.

 6 Months later…June 2018.

 Client: Suji, I will not say anything but I only thank God that I trusted you! May the good Lord judge all those who spoke wrongly about you. I can’t stop appreciating you for keeping to your words and the beauty of your finishing!

 My wife who can be very difficult to please even said the project is simply breathtaking!

 He looks around and in a hush voice, whispers.

 Client: Ehen, you said you have a new one abi? How much is it?

Only if man was God! 

The above conversations from Mr. Bank and Mr. Client respectively, are a reflection of the realities of our nation, where people operate what I call the “crab-mindset”. A mindset where people keep working tirelessly to bring one another down! If you have ever seen Crabs in a basket, you will realised that they are always pulling each other down. These kinds of people are comfortable as long as you don’t get to the top of the ladder.

The beauty of the different conversations above is that the truth was revealed to both parties. Time is the greatest revealer of reality. While we don’t waste our time waiting to shame naysayers, or to receive accolades from gainsayers, but we take time to create value for our investors and for posterity, to show that Sujimoto is not a hype. However, I must add that even if it is a hype, SUJIMOTO is WORTH THE HYPE.

These are the doubting Thomases!

They will doubt you always, even in the face of glaring evidence! .However, the one way to silence haters is to keep winning! Let your results speak for you! Use diligence as your sword and be a man of your word, let it be your bond. Then God in his mercies will catapult you higher so the ONLY PLACE THEY CAN SPEAK ABOUT YOU IS AT YOUR BACK AND THAT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE BEHIND. 

It’s already too late for us to fail.  1+1 is still 11 #Motomatics

#GodBlessYourHusssle #TheHypeIsReal


  • Samuel O
    July 16, 2020

    1+1 = 11 Always


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