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Ultimately, Quality is our business and our model is entangled with the definition of Diligence.On a quest for excellence and dedicated to spurring a change. The mission is to diligently redefine luxury living not only to simply satisfy our clients but also to go the extra mile and delight them with high quality and glamorous edifices.

Sijibomi Ogundele About Luxury Real Estate.

Chief Executive Officer of Sujimoto Construction Limited.

People always question why I ventured into Luxury real estate, the answer is simple; I enjoy creating and maintaining an experience people will never forget, this is why I started Sujimoto, this is why I continue breaking the glass ceiling which every project we execute. Some call it noise but I call it passion.


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“Incredible project you have going on. You will go down in my record of well-groomed young men I have had the privilege of meeting since I started business, 43 years ago.”

E.O. Akintunde (JP) Chairman Midoil

“An extremely passionate and overwhelming project, the stairs are quite tight; I see one or two things you could have done better. You are my son and I must tell you the truth so you can improve on your next projects. However, there are lots of plus than minuses, overall, it’s an amazing project.”